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Pontoon boat did catch our interest as we noticed this stunning picture and actually I personally thought that is something I want to have. We scooped the internet in Pontoon for sale, Ok, Small Pontoons, Best Pontoon Boats, Pontoon Boats for Sale, Pontoon Boats, Pontoon Boat, Pontoon Boat Guide, Pontoon Fishing Boat and Luxury Pontoon Boats to get informed and orientated.
Now without promoting any brand I think in general the Pontoon concept is something to consider. I also have a number of consoles, seats and furniture from which to choose to outfit the deck the way you want. Pontoon boats are easy to build or redeck and can put you into a newly restored boat for far less than the cost of a new boat, AND, you get to design the deck any way you want!

New tubes, deck, cross-members, corner castings, transom pan with 24 gallon gas tank, deck edging with rub rail and chrome cleats, stern fold-up ladder, a ski tow bar and 32 ounce carpet. And if you need a trailer, I have those too - brand new 2012 tandem axles with brakes, adjustable bunks, wind guides, ladder on winch stand, and swing-up jack stand.
Many leave the deck open and just use lawn chairs so they can sit where ever they like and can also clear the deck for camping, picknicking, fishing, swimming, etc. This boat comes with a steering cable and wiring harness already installed ready to be hooked up. All new, this boat includes a new set of playpen railing and is built on 25" diameter round tubes.

It also includes your choice of any pontoon boat console I have in stock priced at $500 or less. There are used cars, and then there are cars like this well-taken care of 2009 BMW 3 Series.

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