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All of our boats have shade covers but it is a good idea to bring (and to use!) sunscreen because the reflection off the water can burn you, even when you are under the shade. We have very good BBQs on board our boats but sometimes the weather gets the better of us – if it is a little windy it is sometimes a good idea to bring some alfoil along. Sometimes it’s wise to have a plan B ready – it may not be too windy to go out on your boat but, if the wind is up a little, it just might be easier to bring sandwiches or other ready-to-eat food as well as (or instead of) the BBQ meat. Alcohol is allowed on board our boats but always remember that the same laws apply on the water as on the road – the driver must be under 0.05.
If you are coming up from Brisbane, remember to allow plenty of travel time to get here before your hire. Bring along whatever you’d need for a BBQ in the park, but don’t worry, if you forget anything, we’ll probably be able to help you out. Swimming gear, sand toys (ask for our boarding ladder if you intend to swim)  and whatever else you need for a great day out on the water!
The remnants of fish traps that were used by the local Aboriginal people can still be found at Toorbul Point. Studies by the University of Queensland found first-hand evidence of its use by Aboriginal people, as recently as the 1930s. This part of the coast supported relatively high population densities of Aboriginal people up to the time of European settlement. Some of the group would travel to the Toorbul Point fish traps when they needed supplies of fish. A local person provided first hand evidence to Queensland University about how Aborigines of the area used the Toorbul Point fish trap. Until recently the whole of Toorbul Point was owned by the Clark family, and extensive oyster leases were worked off the foreshore, where there was also a large native fish trap which the late Mr Colin Clark saw to it that this was well looked after and maintained. Clinker Birt died of cancer in the late 1940s, and Mrs Birt lived at Kennigo St in the (Fortitude)Valley until her death a few years later . Fishing the Pumicestone Passage (2) Bream and flathead caught from a Bribie Island Boat Charters BBQ Boat.
As the waters of Pumicestone Passage warm up towards summer, there’ll be opportunities for fishing estuary cod and mangrove jacks, as well as some good flathead, in the creeks and around the mangroves and oyster leases. The deep water in the middle of the Passage between the mouth of Ningi Creek and the bridge holds lots of grassy sweetlip and Moses perch over the summer.
Just north-west of Pacific Harbour is the Avon Wreck, which is most visible on the lower part of the tides before it becomes submerged. Heading another 2km north of the Pacific Harbour entrance, on the Bribie side of the Pumicestone Passsage is White Patch.
The Pumicestone Passage’s mudflats and protected wetlands also support many species of wading birds. Fishing the Pumicestone Passage The Pumicestone Passage is a long channel that runs between Bribie Island and the mainland. Mulloway can be caught around the Bribie Island bridge, and grassy sweetlip in the deeper sections near the bridge.
Fish are often attracted to the tidal eddies that form behind and in front of the bridge pylons and navigation markers, because they attract bait and offer shelter from the currents.
Watching for birds is a great way to find schools of larger fish, like tailor, feeding on baitfish. Like most fishing spots, the Passage certainly has times of the year that fish better than others for different species.
Early spring sees good numbers of big flathead arrive to take up residence in the shallow sand flats. Bongaree was an Aboriginal man from the Guringai tribe of the Broken Bay region of New South Wales, born around 1765. On their return to Sydney, Bongaree assisted Lieutenant Grant in exploring the Hunter River.
Bongaree was a remarkable man of his times; well respected by Aborigines, Whites and authorities. King was impressed by Bongaree’s fishing ability, his bushcraft and skill in dealing with people and was grateful when the Aborigine again proffered his services in 1817, to help further investigate the coast north of Sydney through to north-western Australia. After three more trips, with Captain King in the “Mermaid” and accompanying John Oxley’s ship the “Lady Nelson”, Bongaree retired from the sea in 1821, to take charge of a settlement of Aboriginal farmers at George’s Head, which Governor Macquarie had set up in 1815.
Bongaree usually wore uniforms and a cocked hat, given to him by the various governors, as well as the sword presented to him by Governor Brisbane. Bongaree was invited to spend his final years at Garden Island Naval Base and was paid a full man’s ration until his death in November, 1830.
We have 6 BBQ pontoon Boats and all of them have been named in honour of the story of the early European exploration of Moreton Bay, during which many of the natural features of the Pumicestone Passage were given their modern-day names. It anchored off shore from what is now Red Beach and a party, including Flinders and Bongaree, rowed into “Pumicestone Creek”. On his release, Flinders returned to England a very ill man and so remained there with his wife, writing “Voyage to Terra-Australis”, based on his charts, letters and papers. The contribution of Flinders, with his friend Bongaree, to charting and understanding this new land, now known as Australia, was not recognised for a number of years. Why We Love the Waters of Bribie Island 2 Glasshouse Mountains from Pumicestone Passage. The elusive dugong is listed as vulnerable to extinction, but there is a reasonably stable resident population in Moreton Bay Marine Park.
Banksia Beach and White Patch are great swimming spots; pull up in your boat and the kids can chase the soldier crabs along the sand. The distinctive Glasshouse Mountains in the distance provide a perfect backdrop to sunset, bringing to a close yet another wonderful day on the waters of Bribie Island. Why We Love the Waters of Bribie Island, Part 1 From the beautiful ocean-side beach of Woorim, around the tip of Red Beach and north through the Pumicestone Passage, Bribie Island is all about water.
Woorim has the closest surf beach north of Brisbane and is patrolled by lifesavers in the summer months. Simply lounging on the ocean beach affords views of Moreton Island and the sand blows of Tangalooma.
Buckley’s Hole Environmental Park is an artificial freshwater lake near South Point, which can be reached via the beach or along a track from the Boulevard. Bribie Island is home to the beautiful Pumicestone Passage, offering a diverse range of activities for all ages including fishing, swimming, bird watching and more.
Cruising the river in one of our BBQ boats will allow you to explore and take in the many beautiful sights it has to offer, with views of the stunning Glass House Mountains and colourful sunsets that are simply so breathtaking you won’t want to leave!
The Moreton Bay Marine Park has an extremely high concentration of Dolphins giving you the chance to witness these playful creatures in their own natural environment..What is better than that?
The Pumicestone Passage is also abundant with Turtles and Dugongs providing an opportunity for you to enjoy the company of these quirky creatures from the comfort of our BBQ boats while you enjoy a cool drink and a BBQ. Our drive yourself BBQ boats are the ultimate way for you and your family to explore and enjoy the clear waters of Bribie Island at your own pace. The advantages of hiring one of our BBQ boats are many, including the convenience of having a toilet on board as well as 20 litres of drinking water, a gas bbq and comfortable cushioned seats with plenty of table space for a leisurely lunch.
The freedom offered by having all of the above inclusions with our boat hire means you get enjoy a day out on the water in one the best locations in the world without the hassle of finding a bbq or toilet. Bribie Island Boat ChartersSome pretty good fishing over the weekend, with plenty of flathead and bream showing up in the usual spots.
This deposit comes off the cost of hire on the day and is fully refundable in the event of bad weather. Putting some alfoil over the food as it is cooking on the BBQ helps hold in the heat and cooks your lunch (or brekky) much more quickly!
As part of traditional life, there were occasional gatherings of large numbers of people around the Toorbul Point area and, in particular, at the huge midden complex at Sandstone Point. They would spend a short time there, creating dinnertime camps, and then return to the main camp to share the fish they had trapped.
He also adopted the same attitude towards the bora rings complex on Toorbul in the bush about half way in from Cook’s Point. During the Mullet and Tailor seasons, if a shoal was close in, Mrs Birt would row out, trailing a bunch of Bribie pine, torulosa she-oak and vanilla lily, this she maintained was necessary to attract the porpoises (dolphins), very doubtful, but occasionally they would follow the dinghy and frighten a portion of  the shoal in to the trap . Ningi Creek is the first creek on the left (mainland) side as you travel north from Spinnaker Sound Marina.
The tidal run through there is strong, especially during December-early January, so you might have to fish on the drift. During summer, huge numbers of migratory birds use Bribie Island and the Pumicestone Passage as their nesting-place; others use the area as a resting-place on their migratory path.
The diversity of its fish species, as well as the dolphins, dugongs and turtles, birdlife and natural beauty make a day out in the Passage a very special experience. The winding and shallow waterways offer excellent fishing for flathead, bream, snapper, tusk-fish, flounder, mackerel and whiting, to name a few.
Position the boat up current within a few metres of the structure, then drop lures from the rod to the bottom and wind them back to the surface or use weighted bait in short lobs. Look for flocks of terns hovering over the water and frequently looking down or diving into the water. During the winter months the Passage harbours bream and winter whiting around the estuaries and shallows, tailor and some good snapper.  Mangrove jack are also found in the creeks off the main passage.
A lot of mainly undersize snapper live in the Passage all year round but in winter the bigger snapper move in and can make life much more interesting. Look for the usual haunts of weed beds over sandy bottoms dropping into deeper moving water.
He acted as a guide, interpreter and good friend to Matthew Flinders, who spoke of Bongaree as having a “good disposition and manly conduct”.
In 1802 he again sailed with Captain Flinders in the famous circumnavigation of Australia, the first of his race to sail the entire coast of his ancestral land.
173 cm tall, with a happy disposition, Captain Philip King wrote of Bongaree that he had “a sharp, intelligent and unassuming disposition”. Bongaree’s typical attire consisted of “a gold laced blue coat, with many epaulets, buttoned up close, to avoid the necessity of a shirt or waistcoat, and wearing a large varnished cocked hat, but neither shoes nor stockings”. Cora Gooseberry was his principal wife and is the namesake of one of our 8-person BBQ Boats.
The crew of the Norfolk camped at White Patch where they held an introduction ceremony and sing-along with the Joondabarrie people.

In 1802 he sailed again with Captain Flinders in the famous circumnavigation of Australia, aboard the “Investigator”. The Porpoise ran aground on an island in the Great Barrier Reef, with more than eighty passengers. This was the first vessel ever built in Australia but it wasn’t designed for long ocean voyages.
Flinders’ voyages were scientifically significant for the botanical and zoological studies undertaken, for his innovative work on navigational and cartographical problems as well as for his meticulous and detailed surveys of the entire coast of Australia. Both bottle-nose and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins are common in Pumicestone Passage, often seen in groups, sometimes schooling fish together for a feast. The dugong is not everyone’s idea of beautiful, but sailors-of-old saw them as visions of mermaids.
Further north are camp-sites along the shore; some, such as Mission Point, can only be reached by boat, but are worth the effort.
This charming sand island is surrounded by the Moreton Bay Marine Park, home to some of the most fascinating sea animals in the world.
Obtaining a permit allows four-wheel drive travel several kilometres north from Woorim along the sand, which stretches up to the tip of Bribie Island, overlooking Caloundra. Not many minutes will go by before you see a container ship navigating the shipping channel that runs the length of the island and into the Port of Brisbane through Moreton Bay.
Some say it was here that Matthew Flinders and his friend Bongaree first met Bribie’s Aboriginal people, but it is more rightly held to be the point where Flinders’ vessel, the “Norfolk”, anchored.
At the right time of tide and day, in the right weather and with luck on their side, local commercial fishermen look from the beach for the dark shadow of a school of mullet . A quiet wait in the bird hide will usually be rewarded by sighting of local and visiting shorebirds- spoonbills and kites, honeyeaters and moorhens. We have the perfect way to get you out on the water in one of the most picturesque locations in Queensland! Here's Danny with a couple that he caught - both good sizes, over 40cm, the flathead from Whitepatch and the bream from Toorbul. The deposit is most commonly paid with a card over the phone, although some people prefer to come and pay in person.
It is always a good idea to leave the keys as a bond, because we can keep them safe and dry in the office, so you know you can still drive yourself home at the end of the day! It’s always better to arrive early rather than late – you could always have a cuppa or ice-cream at the marina while you wait.
This site is the largest excavated shell midden in south-east Queensland, and has given great insight into past Aboriginal life.
This exercise had to be performed on a falling  tide; when it fully receded there would still be a couple of feet in the trap , with the top of the rock enclosure just awash, The fish were then easily caught with either scoop or cast nets.
Shag Island lies behind the wreck looking northward and the relatively deep water channel between them is known to hold good fish, although it can leave you in shallow water with no obvious exit if you don’t watch the tide. Anchoring in towards Wright’s Creek will also offer shelter from the regular south-easterlies, but coming home to Spinnaker Sound Marina might be a little bumpy! To successfully fish the Passage, you need to know how to make the strong tidal currents work in your favour.
Fish closer to the island or mainland when the tide is running fast and move into the middle of the bridge as it slows, adjusting the weight as needed.
The birds are feeding on the baitfish, which have been forced to the surface, usually by tailor.
You will pick up a few flounder in the cooler months of the year as well, which should not be ignored, as they are an excellent eating fish. One of the most popular snapper spots is just outside the Pacific Harbour canals, which sits on the Bribie side of the Passage, 4km north of Spinnaker Sound Marina.  Situated at the mouth of Pacific Harbour is the famous area called The Ripples. Targeting whiting with worms or yabbies on the drift along the sand banks can yield a nice pile of these smaller fish. Their first voyage together, in the “Norfolk” in 1799, to chart the coast north from Sydney, was described in our last blog. His primary responsibility to the exploratory voyages was in making contact with other tribes, perceiving their intentions and gaining permission for his British friends to make landings.
The agricultural venture failed, after which Governor Brisbane gave them a fishing boat and net, partly as reward to Bongaree for saving the life of a runaway convict.
He enjoyed copying the walk and mannerisms of governors and other important men and played to the local Sydney crowd, with his fine-tuned imitations and cheeky humour.
Other 8-person BBQ Boats in our fleet which are also named after the wives of Bongaree are “Broomstick” and “Askabout”. He was accompanied by Bongaree, an Aboriginal man from the Broken Bay region of New South Wales.  Bongaree acted as guide, interpreter and good friend to Flinders. Bongaree generally dressed in the cocked hat and full dress coat of naval uniform, but for this meeting he went naked, in order to reassure the local people.
The two groups taught each other new skills- the Joondabarrie were fine net-makers and fishermen, but had never made a woomera.
The Cumberland was forced to stop for repairs at Mauritius, where Flinders was captured by the French (Britain was at war with France at the time). Whether beside it or on it, you cannot fail to be impressed by the views the Passage affords.
It is paler grey than a dolphin and has no dorsal fin; its upper lip is swollen and trunk-like (in fact its closest land cousin is the elephant!). Whether for a day or for a camping-trip, journeying up the Pumicestone Passage will become a lasting memory. Bribie Island also hosts plenty of opportunities for fun and relaxation – in, on or near the water.
Along the way, check out the gun-emplacement bunkers that operated as Brisbane’s defence against invasion in WW2. Perhaps a pleasure boat will cruise past on its way to watch the humpback whales during their migration from the Antarctic summer feeding grounds to breed in the sheltered waters of the Barrier Reef.
From there the crew took a row-boat around Red Beach and into the Pumicestone Passage where an interesting visit took place on the shore where the village of Bongaree now sits. Boats drag haul-nets from the shore around the school to bring in the fish, which are sold as seafood and as bait for fishing and in crab-pots.
The Toorbul Point bora ground is also just 5km inland from the fish trap and other bora rings have been recorded on Bribie Island itself. The entrance is marked by a yellow cross beacon 2km north of Spinnaker Sound Marina – you’ll find it on the Bribie Island Boat Charters’ chart. This spot holds juvenile snapper, bream, flathead, occasional trevally and mulloway and sand crabs. There are some patches of coffee rock, some mud-flats and as well as jetties, oyster banks and what’s left of the Avon wreck.
Eddies on the edges of banks and ripples where a strong current changes depth are always worth investigating. Early in the morning, especially over the top of the tide, it is common to see locals anchor up around the Ripples. The Sylvan banks, on the Bribie side of the Passage just north of the bridge, are popular for whiting as well as flathead. It was, at times, a hazardous job; Bongaree often had to strip naked and go unarmed, in order to reassure the local Aborigines of his peaceful intentions.
The fourth 8-person BBQ Boat is named “Norfolk”, after the little vessel that took Bongaree on some of his first maritime adventures! Coming through Moreton Bay, which Flinders described as “shallow, of little consequence but with very pretty islands”, the Norfolk drew up towards Bribie Island. He stood alone on the beach and exchanged a “yarn belt” for a head-piece made of kangaroo hair.
Bongaree stayed with the remaining party and was responsible for helping to feed them until the rescue vessels arrived. You can take a motor-boat up the channel, sail, kayak, or go on a cruise – all opportunities to take pleasure in one of the most picturesque bodies of water in Queensland. People gathered in this area to visit relatives or hold ceremonies and made camp at Sandstone Point or on the banks of Ningi Creek. The mouth of Ningi Creek is a popular area for flathead, and also sand crabs through the summer months (any month that has an “r” in it, is the usual saying).
The northern end of the White Patch gutter narrows and drops out quickly, so be careful of the tide, but there are good catches possible from this area. Always be aware of the underwater cables that cross the Passage a little north and south of the bridge. It is very easy to find when the tide is moving as the water takes on a rough surface appearance – look for the area of “corrugated” water, hence its name. With both of these species, it is a good idea to check the Bribie Island Boat Charters’ fish i.d. There was some misunderstanding between Flinders and a Joondabarrie man, so this first contact ended in hostility, causing Captain Flinders to name the sand spit “Point Skirmish”. Fishing is great fun in the Passage and the variety is huge – flathead in the creeks, whiting on the sandbars, snapper under the bridge.
Along the oyster leases in that area is also good for bream but be careful not to interfere with or damage the working oyster leases.
They are signposted and also marked on the Bribie Island Boat Charters’ chart – avoid anchoring there or you will catch your anchor on the cable.
More often than not, you first catch sight of a dugong out of the corner of your eye, and it is gone before you realise what you have just seen. Throwing a lure or bait in where you see them chasing baitfish up to the surface often results in a good hook-up. Drifting yabbies across the banks and gutters during the second half of the rising tide will often give you a few flathead and the odd bream.
Be patient; wait and look towards where he is heading – if you are lucky, a second sighting is your reward!

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