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The new Toon Kicker from Pow'rTran, manufacturer of products designed to improve the performance of outboard motors, makes it easy to add an auxiliary outboard motor for trolling to the stern of most any new or used pontoon boat. A patent-pending variable plate and strong swing arm system allows the Toon Kicker bracket to be installed with a few common tools on struts, sideboards, wings, decks or combination of locations.
Made from high-grade, powdercoated aluminum for long lasting good looks, Toon Kicker will accept any currently available conventional lifting motor bracket from virtually any manufacturer, including Pow'rTran, Garelick, Marine Tech and Panther. April 28, 2016Torqeedo Unveils New Cruise EngineTorqeedo, known for being a notable leader in the electric outboard motor industry, is going to debut its innovative new electric motor at this year’s Seawork International!
Wade Gagnier, owner of Element Fabricating Inc., and inventor of the down-rigger, began his career in boating while working for his father, Mark Gagnier, at Mark's Marine located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. In 2010, as the owner of EF Inc., Wade was called on to construct a bracket that would successfully mount a motor without the stress induced fractures found in previous models.
With that shelf in the way, have you thought about a kicker bracket that mounted on the side of the boat? 3) Install kicker bracket using CRES nuts and bolts(ensure bracket will accomidate weight of kicker). If you already have the 15hp then good deal, if not, then perhaps consider a lower hp but hi-thrist kicker. If that swim deck is made to carry the weight of a person climbing on from the water wouldn't you think you could mount a kicker and bracket right to the swim step. Chromaflage: Yes, I mean having a bracket made, or purchased that is the same depth as the swimdeck. The other nice thing about keeping the swimstep is that if you have an issue like wrapping line in your kicker, you have a platform on both port and starboard of the motor for access.
I've also seen swim platform brackets used:This is assuming you have a small deck extension over the top of the logs in the stern (which it sounds like you do).

Dozens of combinations are available to create a good-looking, solid, strong platform for a small two- or fourstroke outboard motor weighing up to 120 pounds. It is available with a 24-inch standard cross brace assembly for a good-looking, solid installation on your boat. This statement couldn't be more true than for Wade Gagnier's trolling motor down-rigger bracket, Wade's ingenious answer to the problem found in pontoon fishing.
During his time working for his father, Wade had a hand in a lot of different tasks ranging anywhere from work in the service department to scrubbing down boats.
My 26 ft has a mount that attaches flat to the back of the hull and locks down in operating posisition and when released up is set for towing, then the electric tilt gets the prop totally out of the water while motoring on the main.I do not think I would go with a solid again. You could build an alluminum bracket that would bolt up against the transom and down on the swim deck extending out far enough to clear the transom.
You will have no problem with getting height correct so the kicker gets good reach into water and is clear of water when underway. The excessive noise and turbulence of the main outboard motor made fishing all but impossible and pontoon owners were calling out for a better solution. Over time, Wade found opportunities to do repairs to the boats that came into the store and found that not only did he enjoy it: He was good at it.
After a moment of serendipity, Wade discovered that the stess problems inherent in the previous bracket design could be resolved by reverse engineering the design and creating the down-rigging model, which reduced stress and direct pull on the pontoon rails.
You would also need to find out the optimum height to mount the motor so you can determine if there will be enough material to support the motor.
Gagnier's ingenuity answered the call with the aluminum down-rigger bracket designed to be mounted to the pontoon directly, allowing boat owners to mount a powerful 35 hp, 4-stroke troller and stealthily fish from their larger pontoons. Over the next few years, Wade and his father invented several ideas for a bracket that would effectively fasten a trolling motor, but the stress that was placed on their designs would prove to be too great, causing it to crack where the bracket was mounted.

Electric trim and remote stearing would also be the way to go on this type of installation.
I'm now 61 years old, in the slow lane and love it.I'm on a large lake and do most of my boating week days when it's quieter and a lot less traffic.
With the fuel tank so close to the end of the deck, I would have to shorten them and get maybe four bolts there. The years pressed on and the idea for the bracket would be put to the side to allow time for running the business. More and more, pontoon manufacturers would refer costumers to Gagnier for trolling brackets. If I buy a 6 hp, they only weigh about 60 lbs, would probably be strong enough.The swim platform bracket looks really good but I don't think I have the room for it.
At 31 years old, Wade decided that is natural talent for repair and fabrication and inventive personality could be used to help forge his own empire, and deciding to leave his role as partial owner at Mark's Marine and take on the boating industry directly,  Wade incorporated his business and Element Fabricating was born.
What started as a moment of inspiration in the kitchen became a successful commodity in the world of pontoon fishing. Although I'm really careful there's always the chance of engine damage.Has anyone mounted a kicker engine ?
Wade Gagnier is still hard at work, fabricating numerous additions to marine craft with a focus on meeting the needs of the boater - powered by innovation. Trying to keep the weight down, I was hoping to be able to limp back with say a 4 to 6 hp.I was thinking of one of the brackets available and add additional supports.

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