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Review Comment: Live on a small lake with 70 homes and the first night out with the lights installed on my pontoon it became the talk of the weekend. By placing the lights directly atop-or under-the water, anglers eliminate the annoying flying insect factor topside (bugs, which some fishermen argue actually helps the fishing) while containing the alluring glow to the depths. Boat anglers have used everything from automobile headlamps floating in Styrofoam to a wide selection of portable, waterproof 12-volt lights that can be lowered over the side to attract fish. Several pontoon and deck boat manufacturers now offer underwater LED lights as optional equipment. Chad Taylor of Wilmington, Ohio's South Shore Marina recommends using the pump brackets offered on the logs of several popular brands of pontoon boats for DIY underwater lights applications.
According to spokesman Mark Wyrick, several Harris FloteBote models are offered with an optional Lumitec underwater light mounted on the aft end of on the starboard pontoon log. Several aftermarket underwater LED lights manufacturers offer models or kits to allow their lights to be mounted on trim tabs, which is an option for deck boats. No matter the color you decide to try, if you're ready to experiment with underwater aftermarket lights, shop around. Underwater lights won't help you catch fish from your deck or pontoon boat if there are no fish to be attracted to their glow. In man-made reservoirs, find the original river channel and anchor at the edge next to the deeper water to draw bait and fish following the natural migration route.
You'll know soon enough if you are casting your light over a productive area: near-microscopic "squiggles" of phytoplankton and zooplankton will show up first, right at the light, and minnows will soon follow.
We decided that we could build another bar and weld it directley to the pontoons them self.
Im super happy with the Shadow casters on my boat they haven't missed a beat and seem just a bit brighter than most everything I have seen, But keep in mind most of the boats I have seen only have 2 high powerd transom lights where my boat has 3 so it may not have been a even comp.
If anyone one else was to do this, I would suggest welding the tabs to the outside of the pontoon instead of at the rear. We have used dry ice, a heat gun, and a suction cup style dent puller to remove large dents from our pontoon boat. Even if the bracket is thin, it still has a pretty good chance of being pushed into the toon in that spot unless you have reinforced the entire area with a "disk".
My dad is thinking about adding a compressed air fitting to the pontoons so he can inflate stuff without using the compressor. Everyone loved the look of the lights and the way they could be manipulated in so many different ways. Carrying torches by hand or fitting them to the bow to allow the open flame to illuminate the water below to attract baitfish and gamefish is a primitive angling method that is still used by subsistence fishermen in some areas of the world-and isn't too far a cry from the gas or kerosene lanterns that are still popular among fishermen today as after-dark fishing devices.

Whether cast from above or generated from below the waterline, the artificial light attracts microscopic phytoplankton, followed by zooplankton and the baitfish that feed on both. All are effective, but none have attracted the following-or the fish-like the after-market LED underwater lights that are designed for more or less permanent application aboard boats. I attended a boat show this season where a Sylvan boat model fitted with a pair of Attwood underwater LEDS was drawing quite a bit of attention. Taylor added that if your pontoon's logs don't have them, welding a piece of aluminum "C" channel to the aft end of the pontoons to provide a surface for mounting after-market LEDs-as well as transducers, if needed. Advertised as a light to illuminate the boarding ladder, the LED is submerged and will function as a fish attractor.
However, most underwater LED lights are designed for mounting flat on the transom, and require at least one through-hull hole to be drilled to accommodate the wiring. Cheap knockoffs exist, and LEDs that may appear similar may not be in terms of construction and safeguards.
Just as when selecting a place to wet a line during daylight hours, you need to position you boat, light and baits where you have the best chance of attracting baitfish and gamefish.
In man-made or natural lakes or slow-moving rivers, locate a rock pile or submerged weed beds or brush-piles-or anchor and cast your glow over gravel bars and points used by night-feeding fish-and you may be on the money with your light. When you start to hear splashes or see shadows of larger fish darting through or suspending just beyond the edge of light, you'll know that the predators have shown up, and it's time to start fooling the gamefish with live baits and lures that match the size of the baitfish you have attracted with your artificial illumination. I had to tow the boat 2hr's to get home and then down to my Buddy's shop in Salinas 1:45 min's more, to do the Fab and Welding. If you accidently back into something you have created a very week impact point on that pontoon.
They spend about 4 months at Lake Powell a year and use the same 20 gallons of gas for most of the trip. Lanterns and electric lights are suspended just over the water from docks or boats to allow their glow to attract flying bugs and baitfish-and the gamefish that follow-by anglers around the world. If there are larger predator fish in the area, they will follow the baitfish and end up within casting range of the lighted area.
Note I didn't say aboard fishing boats, for popular marine light manufacturers such as OceanLED sell their share of underwater lights for aesthetic applications aboard pleasure boats as well as lights intended to attract fish for anglers. Of course, whenever you are drilling a through-hull hole below your boat's waterline, great care must be taken to seal it and to make sure before drilling that there is nothing on the inside of the transom such as wiring, pumps, water tanks etc,  that might be damaged during the drilling process. However, white light is absorbed very quickly in water and doesn't penetrate very deep, so it's less effective than green, which maintains its color character at much greater distances and depths.?Keith found that some fish-baitfish and sportfish-are attracted directly by the lights rather than the plankton or bait. If you can, try to see the underwater lights you may be considering in actual use, either at the local boat shows or in the marina.

Anchor over drop-offs or neat structure or both, and drop anchor from both the bow and the stern when fishing with underwater lights.
I had taken some measurements last summer time when the boat was in the water to see where and how the lights would sit.
On our first Lake Powell solar pontoon that we made, I mounted the trolling motors in that location (one on each side), and then we later backed it into a dock.
We did some welding on the Splash fin at the front of the Pontoon boat and found out how thin the toons are.
Before you register please ensure you are familiar with our terms of use and related policies. The Florida-based company makes underwater lights in a variety of design (and color) applications targeted toward everything from trailerable boats to ocean-going yachts, with several models intended for DIY boaters who want to add some glow to their hulls. He learned that blue light, as with green, has a greater distance of effectiveness than white.
Make sure you check standards, certifications and warranties on the models you are considering and consider having the lights installed by a qualified marine mechanic.
It helps the boat-and the light-maintain position and make line management easier for the anglers aboard.
Most fab shop's don't have the ability to weld or want to move welding equipment out into a parking lot ect, So you got to find a place big enough where you can bring it in. The boat sits in the water almost all year long and gets a pretty good water line mark in the toons. I called and expressed my issue and without even a hassle the company sent me 2 brand new light strips. He also learned that while blue light works in saltwater, it didn't hold the same attraction to baitfish in fresh water as did the same power green light. The boat didn't sink, but it was a pain in the butt to drain the pontoon and have it fixed.
You don't need the remote module to use the lights it's a extra that you can choose to run or not run. The lights on my boat came with a blue wire at that time they didn't have the Remote set up but I can now add a remote to my lights to control the lights.

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