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2013 Bennington 20ft Pontoon Boat - Top of the line model 2075GL (7 year warranty), used less then 15 hours. The town's pride in their marina was reflected in this rather fancy sign erected at the entrance back in c.1990.
The fuel flow rate and computation of miles-per-gallon is being performed by a NAVMAN 3100 Fuel instrument. About four miles downstream from Mattawa, the pitch of the engine changes slightly and the engine speed drops about 300-RPM. I advance the throttle to maintain the boat speed, and we wait for the engine to heal itself. I apply the usual wiggling of connections associated with cylinder five's ignition circuit, and we test again. The bus station sits aside the Trans-Canada Highway, here a two-lane road curving through downtown Mattawa. A modest $32-Canadian buys me a ticket for a 100-mile bus ride back to our launching site, Pembroke, where I can retrieve our truck and trailer and drive back here to rescue our wounded boat and motor.
By this time it is very late in the afternoon, close to six o'clock, and it is too late to even think about leaving by boat. Details like the light fixture and the nautical stanchions with rope railings show its construction was deluxe. We have over 50-gallons of fuel, which should be plenty to take us down to Rapides Des Joachim, the next place where we are certain we can get more. The highlight of this portion of the trip: we spot a bald eagle sitting in a tree on the river bank. The bus driver is very nice and makes a special stop to drop me off a block away from the marina. I get the cowling off and tear down the number five cylinder ignition coil, checking the ground connections.

I take care of the boat, which usually has a heavy dew on the deck and gunwales that needs to be wiped off. In these northern Ontario communities, electricity is almost always called "hydro", a reference to the method of generation.
The security fence was added a few years ago after some problems, but it was more of a nuisance than a deterrent.
We have seen this problem before--the spark is cutting out on one cylinder--but it has been intermittent. With a fuel consumption rate of 1.5-MPG and about 50-gallons remaining, we'd have a range of 75-miles.
Since we are the only people staying on our boat overnight, our carbon dioxide production signals an alert for every mosquito in the surrounding ten acres. Complete with new electric motor only used once, and battery, paddles, new life jackets, and new extra propeller for motor.
In this case, it is quite appropriate; we are just a mile or two from a large hydro-electric generating plant. A young and agile local boater who forgot his key easily swung himself around it to reach his boat. After clearing the railroad trestle and the southern part of the town, we get up on plane at about 25-MPH.
That should be enough to reach Des Joachim (42-miles), but it is not quite the margin we'd like.
In a remote stretch of highway the monotony of the drive in the rain is interrupted briefly by the appearance of a black bear walking out of the woods on the roadside.
The total time of my journey was starting to become a bit longer than she anticipated, and sitting all afternoon in the rain has dampened her spirits.
Even though we have our car now, we decide we need the exercise of the two mile uphill walk, and we drudge off on foot.

There are so many of them it is almost impossible to read; you can't get more than a sentence or two in between swatting a buzzing mosquito. You'd like to think that vandalism and theft would not be a problem in a small northern town like Mattawa, but apparently there are dishonest people everywhere.
This gives us a fuel consumption rate of about 1.85-MPG, and that implies a range of about 92 miles. Also, the idea of running the engine for an extended time with only five of its six cylinders working seems like a bad choice. There is no point in running this beautiful stretch of the river in the rain for a second time.
We have been anxiously anticipating a better look at its beautiful scenery, but in sunshine, not rain.
We decide the most attractive alternative to our current situation of a questionable engine is to take a bus to Pembroke and come back with our truck and trailer. I install the spark tester and Chris cranks the engine over; there is still no spark on cylinder five. The cowling comes off the motor, and I put my spark tester on the lead to cylinder five's spark plug. The low humidity of the air conditioned interior is a nice change after spending an hour in my foul weather gear in the rain. I put the engine back together and we take the boat out for a four mile test ride up the river.

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