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No matter what the railings are made from, manufacturers make them easy to assemble and maintain.
Some companies specialize in pontoon boat railings but you can also find railings through pontoon boat dealers. If you can’t find the right railing from an online dealer, then check your local pontoon dealer or local marina. Most of your good deals are probably on the Internet, but don’t count out any local stores or dealers for railings for your pontoon boat.
If you've ever scoured sites like craigslist for a new boat, you will know that there are a ton of options out there. A shelf I built two serve two purposes: 1) create a safe height railing around the opening to a stairwell and 2) to reclaim some open air space for storage.
The Steel Connection Solutions contains information on the BeamClamp, BoxBolt and Grating Clip products. These are new factory overstock pontoon boat railing sections in black and blue baked on aluminum panels. While railings don’t take up the entire perimeter of the boat, you can usually get them customized to represent your interests. Don’t worry that you need to be an engineer or an expert mechanic to put railings on your pontoon boat. The dealers will most likely have railings for the boats they currently sell or have sold in the past few years, so if you need to replace a railing, then check with your local dealer first.

When he first got the pontoon boat it was a little beat up and the years of use were noticeable.
The boat was outfitted with an 80 pound thrust 24VDC electric motor, an electric anchor winch, spot lights, canopy lights, water pump, live well, fish finder, and a 12 and 24 volt DC control panel.
One set came off a 28' Tracker Bass Buggy, and the other one came off a 24' Harris Flote Boat.
One set came off a 28' Tracker Bass Buggy, and the other two came off 24' Harris Flote Boats. The panels, which cover the bottom half of the railing structure, are made from aluminum as well, but include a special laminate for outdoor use. Some of the companies below offer customized graphics to place on your boat and others have pre-made decals you can purchase. If that turns out to be a bust, you can always leave your name and address in case he comes across a dealer or person who can help.
After searching the internet for a railing solution for his pontoon boat, Scott came across Simplified Building. The photos show the railing still on the boats before the tubes were sold - tubes and cross-members are not included. The only area that should not have a railing is the rear of pontoon where you enter and exit the boat. However if you’re rebuilding, you can plan the way you want your boat to look to your satisfaction.

The railing worked out perfectly and keeps him safe and prevents him from falling off which would really put a sour feeling to a perfect fishing day. Ultimately, Scott ended up going with Kee Lite fittings and pipe to construct his pontoon boat railing. The only problem is these older boats can tend to be a bit beat up and outdated having gone through the years. He appreciated the low cost, product quality of materials, and the customer service he received when placing his order.
To ensure safety and create a clean look, Scott ran most of the wiring through the fittings and pipe so that there would be no exposed wiring. We offer free design assistance and project guidance to help you create the perfect solution for your own particular needs. Browse our railing kits or contact us today to let us help you discover a railing to perfectly fit for your needs.

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