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There are many different types of boat seats available and the most important consideration in making this determination is the type of boat you have and what you will be using it for. Swivel seats are especially popular on fishing boats that have a seat hole pattern to attach them onto.
Flip-Flop Seats: Flip-Flop Bench seats are popular on fishing boats as well as many recreational boats. Bucket Type Seats: Usually bucket seats are flexible and there are several styles even in bucket designs. If you were sitting in your pontoon seat and you need the top curve on the pontoon seat to be on the left side of your bench seat you will need a left corner lounger or if you are sitting in the bench seat and need the top curve on the pontoon seat to be on the right side of your bench you would need to order a right corner lounger. Top of the line captain chairs have UV stabilized polyethylene construction, extra thick clustered cushions, padded armrests on anodized aluminum mounting brackets and foot pedestals.
The benefits of swivel seats are that they are removable, can turn 360 degrees, fit most standard seat holes patterns, are self lubricating, with non-corrosive poly swivel bearings and most are made with E-coated steel which resists corrosion.
These seats can be positioned anywhere the angler desires in the boat, or fastened to the deck in specific locations. Most are made of heavy-duty marine grade vinyl which means they are sun, salt and mildew resistant. They are usually made of molded plastic, have a cushioned seat and back for comfort and are ultra-low when folded flat. What is great about these seats is that they are cushioned both on the seat and the back and have either a live bait well or storage area underneath.
Some work best for helms of the boat, some are good fishing chairs and can vary in price depending on the level of comfort and style you’re looking for.

The owner is saying it looks to him like the motor is setting too low, and others think it is setting too high. This causes the blades to lose their grip on the water, the engine RPMs go up and the forward speed of the boat is reduced. Actually I have some concern even about the structure of your transom piece as there doesn"t seem to be sufficient secureness (for lack of a better word) which would put more stress on your support members. This seat also is a slider, meaning the seat itself slides up or down for the comfort of the captain. Additionally, most swivel seats have a quick release mechanism that allows the seat to slide out thru plastic tracks that are mounted to the boat. I"m with Rick, it appears that if it were setting any higher the prop would be out of the water. Sometimes when the propeller RPMs increase, it can also cause a massive cavitation, which only compounds the problem. This ring creates a high-pressure barrier that prevents exhaust gases from being sucked back into the blades. But with the information you now have in hand, see how far down the cavitation plate is under water. Most of these types of seats have optional removable backrests and thickly clustered cushions for superior comfort.
The critical test is how the cavitation plate sits in relation to the water level, and if it ventilates while running. Most outboard and stern-drive engines have anti-ventilation plates made onto the lower unit housing directly above the propeller.

Other sources for ventilation include the leading edge and sides of the motor’s lower unit and the bottom of the boat. The normal rational for cavitation plate to transom went out the window with yours so you can"t use that. But if it"s easy for you to test it, then it couldn"t hurt to go up some more and give it a try. Most leaning posts type seats have four fishing rod holders and an integrated hand and foot rail. They come in many different sizes, are permanently mounted into the boat and most are UV treated to provide for mildew resistance. Many people mistakenly call them cavitation plates or possibly anti-cavitation plates, but that is incorrect. Inspect your lower-unit housing for any imperfections in the surface directly in front of the propeller. Also, put people on board to simulate what weight you"ll have if you had furniture (if you"re adding furniture), batteries, gas and whatever your normal carrying capacity is, otherwise you"ll be doing this "adjusting" again when you do get everything on board as you may find the motor really down in the water when fully loaded. Knicks, gouges, scratches or barnacles can all disturb the water flow to the propeller, and cause ventilation.
Its sole purpose is to prevent surface air from being sucked into the negative pressure side of the propeller blades.

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