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The Carver Styled-to-Fit and Specialty pontoon boat covers include a ?” strong & durable shock cord in the hem. 14?-21? pontoon covers include 3 sewn-in snap patches and the 22?-28? pontoon covers include 4 sewn-in snap patches. Sun-DURA™Excellent Quality100% Solution Dyed Polyester means Sun-DURA™ colors are part of the polyester fiber itself, rather than the dye adhering only to the surface of the fibers.
We have tried to gather here the key elements to take into consideration in the decision making process. By example, the fact that a company is NMMA* certified does give you much more confidence in your boat purchase.
Most of manufacturers divide their tube in two chambers (only one separator wall), each of them being as long as 10’ (3 m). Besides, do not truss those salesman who confirm you that the pontoon’s tube they are carrying are made with an H36 grade aluminum instead of an H32.
Expect also that the plywood is type of douglas fir, 7-ply, .40 CCA pressure treated plywood.
For added comfort and durability, ask for the quality of the vinyl and foam used in the furniture.
The vinyl stitches out: because the wire used is a poor quality and it is simple stitches out instead of double. The heads rest sag and the seat’s cushion press flat which makes you feel the wood’s frame. Southland’s seat bases are made of roto-cast plastic offering you clean and mildew-free storage.
At Southland, a special sealing tape on the perimeter of all rail panels ensures a quiet, rattle-free ride. Furthermore, all of our front curved railing is reinforced with foam’s rays which, when the bench is fixed, work as a shock absorber.
Another durability and comfort issue: what is the top made, how much of the boat does the camper top cover and how high is it ?

Check if the full camper top of your pontoon boat covers the entire deck, including the foredeck.
Southland’s pontoon boats offer up to 295, 8pi? (11 m?) of storage space, depending on the model. Through testing has convinced Southland that extending the motor mount beyond the tubes is better.
What kind of performance and durability do you expect from the make, type and power (watts) of the sound system ?
Clarion, the most recognized on the market for marine radio, is strictly fixed on all Southand’s deluxe models. Take the time to scrutinize under the floor: look, touch, MEASURE, ask for written specs of parts, components and warranty.
Bridging the gap between conventional pontooning and competition ski boating, the 2008 Premier S-Series Pontoon Boat covers all your needs on the water. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Trailerable Semi-Custom fit boat covers from CARVER Industries Fits Pontoon boats with fold-down type hard top and rails that partially enclose deck leaving 1' - 3' of open deck forward of the front gate. Each cover is built with sewn-in snap patches for use with our boat cover support pole (Order #60000).
14?-21? pontoon covers include 3 sewn-in snap patches and the 22?-26? pontoon covers include 4 sewn-in snap patches.
Cover is designed to cover transom-mounted motor, standard ski pylon* and bimini top stored lying flat.
Indeed, NMMA certified boats exceed the Transport Canada and USCG *regulations for safety thus, for durability.
Each of these shouldn’t measure more than 5’ (1,5 m) in length and be solidly sealed with separator walls. With time, water will infiltrate the hole made to insert the bolt and the nut, causing the plywood to delaminate.

This prevents the carpet from being soaked by the rain and stops water splashes from coming under the front gate. If you are told about weight of carpet, as you can’t see it with your eyes, ask for it in written. If they are thin, it means that the manufacturer wanted to save money because the aluminium is sold by weight.
This high-performance Premier pontoon boat comes standard with the outboard 25a€? triple tube package, a glass walk-thru windshield, dual console, dual Flexsteel 7-Star helm chairs, optional raised wrap-around aft stadium seating, hydraulic steering, lifting strakes, ski tow bar, and can accommodate up to a 225-hp engine. If motor is mounted on a bracket, a separate motor cover may be ordered (see our accessories page).
If it looks like plastic instead of leather, in a short three years, your beautiful sofas will look to have a ten.
If the manufacturer was ready to compromise on the quality on this part, that means that he was probably willing to compromise on each component and at each step of the manufacturing. Check the sturdiness of this fastening  by seating yourself on the seat and slightly move from left to right.
Other standard features on the S-Series include a Bimini top, brushed rectangle table, directional speaker mounts and Kenwood CD stereo with four premium speakers.
Trailerable cover protects boats against dirt, leaves, birds, rain, hail, ice, snow and damaging UV rays. Our own unique finish provides exceptional water repellency while maintaining breathability for the health of the boat.
Designed for Pontoon Boats with fold-down hard top and rails that enclose all but 1'-3' of forward deck space. What’s more, if the top is on and fastens at the front railing, you have just lost even more storage and seating space.

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