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Single axle, Galvanized frame, Carpeted bunks, with a 2" ball, tongue jack and all necessary lighting.
2013 Marks our 20th year of manufacturing, marketing and distributing the very best value possible in steel painted and galvanized trailers. To create more opportunities for our employees and customers alike we are geared up for an aluminum line of trailers that will have the competitors shaking their heads.
Boasting the same width & capacity (3500# ea.) axles as all of our pontoon trailers, the All American is perfect as dependable, durable and the least expensive way to and from the water. There are a few short cuts that had to be made in order to hold such low prices on such a well built trailer. The lights are basic but very inexpensive to replace, the bunk boards are carpeted 2 x 4 like the competition, load guides and extra wide winch stand are optional. Quickly becoming a very popular model the All Pro has fantastic features not found on any other trailer we build.
Know your limits: Legal Limit is 12 lobster per person, per day in South Florida except in Monroe County and Biscayne National Park where the limit is 6 lobster per person per day. Legal Size limit is 3” or larger than the carapace (the upper part of the lobster from where the tail meets the head). If you need a boat trailer for rent in Miami or have questions about the 2015 lobster season in South Florida call us at (786) 728-9988. This entry was posted in News and tagged boat storage, boat trailer rental, Happy Trailer Rentals, Lobster Season, Miami, Mini-Lobster Season, south florida on July 28, 2015 by admin. Happy Trailer Rentals Miami would like to remind boaters that just because we’re half way through the 2014 Hurricane Season doesn’t mean we’re out of the choppy waters yet.
In the last few decades, South Floridians have seen our share of storms, from Hurricane Andrew to Hurricane Wilma and every Hurricane, Tropical Storm and Depression in between. During Hurricane Season, you stock up on canned food, bottled water, batteries, flashlights, and other supplies to keep you and your home safe, but, what about your boat?
Hurricanes are inevitable when you live in South Florida but there are strategies to help mitigate the damage caused to your boat during a hurricane. If you have a smaller boat, under 35’ feet, it is safest for the boat (and for your mental well-being) to get it out of the water completely. We recommend that you take anything off the boat that’s not supposed to get wet, or that is light enough to fly away in a heavy wind.
If you have no choice but to leave your boat in the water during a hurricane, try to find a safe harbor to anchor.
Finally, it is wise to make sure that you have all of your boat documents in an easily accessible location and that the insurance is up to date. You can take all the precautions in the world to secure your boat, however Mother Nature sometimes gets the best of us. To learn more about hurricane preparedness tips for boats and dry boat storage in Miami, Florida call Happy Trailer Rentals Miami at: 786-728-9988  or click here. This entry was posted in News and tagged Boat Trailer, boat trailer hurricane, boat trailer rental, boat trailer storage, How to Keep Your Boat Trailer Safe During a Hurricane, Hurricane preparedness tips, Keep Boat Safe During a Hurricane, Miami Boat Trailer Rental, rent a boat trailer, South Florida Boat Trailer Rental on August 26, 2014 by admin.

Happy Trailer Rentals, boat trailer rental and boat storage facility located in Miami, Florida owner Cory Reiter sits down to talk about why this boat trailer rental facility is unlike any other place in the country.
This entry was posted in News and tagged Boat Trailer, boat trailer rental, Boat Trailer Rentals, boat trailer rentals Miami, boat trailer video, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, rent a boat trailer on June 30, 2014 by admin. How can you tell what is the best style of boat trailer to rent that will fit your boating needs for South Florida?
When it comes to renting a boat trailer in Miami there is no better place than Happy Trailer Rentals.
This entry was posted in News and tagged boat trailer rental, Combination Boat Trailer, Happy Trailer Rentals, hot to choose a trailer, how to choose a boat trailer, How to choose the right boat trailer, rent a boat trailer Fort Lauderdale, rent a boat trailer Miami, Roller Boat Trailer, salt water boat trailers, selecting a boat trailer on March 26, 2014 by admin.
This entry was posted in Products and tagged boat trailer rental, Catamaran Trailer, Catamaran Trailer Rental, Florida, Miami, Pontoon Boat Trailer, Pontoon Boat TrailerRental on June 20, 2013 by admin. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged boat storage, boat trailer rental, Florida, Miami, rent a boat trailer on April 27, 2013 by admin. If you don't tow far and it suits your needs for launching and storing, then I'd get the scissor trailer.
My first pontoon boat was on a trailer that although not a crank-up, held the boat in the same fashion. Slow Joe wrote:My first pontoon boat was on a trailer that although not a crank-up, held the boat in the same fashion.
The Company's philosopy has been and will always be striving to maintain a reputation that creates more "Bang for your buck". The original and unique designs of all of our trailers have durable and functional features that reflect tangible benefits. Not only does the extra height create tremendous wind resistance towing but might limit you as to where you launch and retrieve your pontoon. The axles will give you a suspension you can count for the years without much normal fatigue or wear and tear.
Most of our competitors offer maybe one possible adjustment on the axel but a€?NONEa€? on the fender which makes a moot point. When these are adjusted properly it doesn't matter of its windy, if there's a current, or if you can't see if the motor is straight from the captains chair. The 18in wide steps and handrail make either entering or exiting your pontoon boat while its on the trailer comfortable and safe.
It’s always a great time to get your fill of lobster (and to share some of the lobster with your friendly boat rental staff, of course), but we want you to come back safe and sound. Hurricane Season runs from June 1st through November 30th with most of the activity happening in the month of September.
There has been major damage and sometimes just inconveniences, but we all know that no matter what Mother Nature throws at us, it’s best to be prepared. Below we have compiled a list of tips that can help you protect your boat this Hurricane Season and also included some resources for more thorough information. Whether the boat is on a trailer next to your house or at a dry storage marina, the boats that are stored dry typically see less damage than those left in the water during a hurricane.

The cover on the boat will collect rainwater and strain the cover, tearing it in the process. If the boat fills up with water, the added weight can negatively affect the way it sits on your trailer or dry-rack. Also, to help with insurance claims, keep receipts and take photos or video of your boat and trailer. It would be nice at times to have a jack up, but unless I had a concrete floor to use my creeper on, that would be HARD to work unneath and with my bunk trailer, I can sit on the axles to relax some (either way, working over my head ain't easy). They attach to the rear of your trailer and extend out of the water, providing a visual target to center the boat's pontoons around.
You will find these aluminum trailers have DOUBLE the materials and DOUBLE the labor that are being offered by some of the best names in the industry.
If the cover comes loose during a storm, it will fall victim to the wind, and more than likely get ruined. Marinas typically keep the drain plugs out, however, if your boat is on a trailer, it’s a good practice too keep the drain plug out. However, there are many external elements like the sun, salt and crazy hurricanes that can affect the life of a boat trailer, especially in South Florida. If I wasn't going far, then I might have opted for a jackup (say 10 miles or so) but I often travel more than 100 miles each way so my choices are limited.
Chrome wheels, fully carpeted 2 x 6 lumber, load guides, winch stand with steps & handrail, oval recessed completely sealed waterproof taillights and fully welded & reinforced jeep style fenders. In order to avoid wasting money on repair bills and storage, we suggest you rent a boat trailer. We have a large inventory of boat trailers for rent all year round, at the best prices in town. In other words if we used 2x4's we would obviously save money on the lumber and the carpet. Absolutely, loading with these load guides is going to save you a lot of time and aggravation. Instead of carpeting the 2 x 6 bunk boards that the "toon" set on, they are covered with plastic bunk slicks. On more than one occasion it felt tippy, and once the wheels on the port side actually came up off the ground and I nearly lost the boat and trailer going slowly around a curve. What obstacles can the boat come into contact with during violent winds, storm surges, or in the event that the boat breaks loose from its anchor? Chrome fenders & radial tires add to the best value on a pontoon boat trailer anywhere.Specifications.
The only reason we are selling it is that we just didn't use it enough last summer and are hoping someone else has more time to spend on it then we did!

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