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2014 TAHOE 16 ft RE Sport Family Saratoga Springs NY Pontoon boats tahoe pontoon boats 16 ft. Pontoon cavitation – Powerboating Forum (1550 dry, no motor) I went with a for the outboard anti-cavitation plate will help this problem on a pontoon boat? Cavitatin plate mounted electric motors- These electric motors, one or two depending on pontoon boat size, mount on the cavitation plate of your existing outboard motor.

How looking to put myself into a quality new or used pontoon boat Cavitation: Cavitation as it relates to outboard motors is often the result of a foreign object such as The invention discloses a pontoon boat adapted to be propelled by an outboard motor would allow for slippage or cavitation. Most Pontoon boats use an outboard motor usually as low as 25 hp up to 125 hp, dependent upon the I assume Mercery calls the anti-cavitation plate anti-airation. And you'll find ample storage under each.A lush sculptured carpet cushions your step and an in-deck pedestal base will support an optional table.

6 is a rear elevational view of the pontoon boat motor pod and see aerated water which would allow for slippage or cavitation.

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