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I put far more hours each year on our toon than the MC as I am too anal about dock rash, dirt, etc. Since the MC is used for wakeboarding, skiing, and the occassional tube (dont give me a hard time), we did not need to go with a tri-toon high horsepower performance boat - we use it to just to cruise around.
I used to work for Sea-Legs installing the lifts on the pontoons, so I've been underneath just about all brands of Pontoons.

If for some reason you start to believe you are a person with influence, just try ordering somebody else's dog around. We have a JC tri-toon and they ride a lot better than the pontoons IMO, kinda like a dd compared to a v, Bennington's are nice though and you'll enjoy it I'm sure. We opted for the extended swim platform aft, upgraded stereo, and custom touches all around.

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