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First, you will enjoy a narrated cruise of the historic Intracoastal Waterway, touring to the Little River Inlet, cruising through South Carolina’s most pristine scenery. The second part of this popular cruise will be the exhilarating ride into the Atlantic Ocean to find the graceful dolphins. Location: Canada Mini Speedboat - Anybody know where to get plans for the boat pictured? Location: The heights of High Wycombe, not too far from River Thames Do sign up for the Glen-L Boat Builders 101, which is free. Location: OREGON Go to the Glen-L site and list the names of their small run-abouts then go to customer photos and look at every one of every model`to see if one looks close to your photo.
Location: The heights of High Wycombe, not too far from River Thames Glen-L mention that small can sometimes be too small, when you work out what the load is you want to carry.
Location: Canada After looking at the gallery of completed projects, I think that the boat is likely a modified TNT or Bullet.
I realize that a 10' boat is quite small, and appreciate the caution you guys give me regarding size and the load I would like to carry. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
For the water sports lover, sun lover, and family that lives to entertain, there’s nothing quite like a pontoon boat. As your local North Myrtle Beach pontoon boats dealer we have a full range of new and used boats just ready for you to come look at.
These pontoon boats provide innovative seating options for everyone on board, plenty of storage for your water toys, and room to easily walk around the deck.

Pontoon boats are perfect for families who like to take their friends out on the water and want to have a blast doing it. Come visit us at Sportsman’s Choice Marine where you’ll find a large assortment of new and used boats, boat trailers, motors and ATV’s in stock. Commercial groups can rent boats to show their clients waterway properties, and we can even accompany the group to assist with refreshments, or with the operation of the boat, if so desired. All locations provide the latest safety equipment, safety instructions, important water safety rules and regulations, as well as “hands on” boat operating instructions. The Sea Thunder is a 65 foot 1997 Aqua Bay Marine tourboat powered by turbocharged Cat Diesels, totalling 2100 horsepower. You will pass homes, marinas, and uninhabited islands, explore for birds, sea turtles, and marine life, all the while watching the dolphins play. The Sea Thunder offers a safe speed boat ride toward the local shrimp boats that provide a natural feeding habitat for the dolphins.
Once the boat arrives at our location, the Captain will slow down to an idle so everyone on the boat can get a good look. If we don’t see any dolphins during our cruise, we will give you a return pass to ride again during your stay.
From leisure boats to performance boats and luxury boats too, it will take your family fun on the water to a whole new level. Whether you’re fishing, dining or just entertaining with drinks and appetizers, every excursion promises to be a memorable one. The Sea Screamer is a 65 foot 1993 Navigator tourboat powered by turbocharged Detroit Diesels, totalling 1500 horsepower.

You will pass 2 unique fishing villages while learning about the history of the area which includes civil war battles, pirate ship attacks, and geographical facts. On route, you will see the famous beaches and resorts of the Carolinas as we navigate along the coastline to our viewing grounds.
Seating on the boat is not an issue since all seats offer a great view of these beautiful and graceful mammals.
Once you get behind the wheel and maneuver a pontoon boat you’ll realize right away that it’s unlike any other boating experience you’ve ever had. If you’re interested in North Myrtle Beach pontoon boats come see what we have to show you at the Sportsman’s Choice Marine of Little River, South Carolina. The fine craftsmanship and durability of the boats we carry will provide you with years of tubing, skiing, wake boarding, cruising, fishing and entertaining. The boat will pick up speed as it approaches the blue granite rock jetty; which is the gateway to the ocean. Investing in a pontoon boat brings fun for years to come and you’re not just limited to fishing either! Whether you’re planning on tubing, skiing, wake boarding, cruising, fishing or entertaining, a pontoon boat can handle it all.

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