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If you own a pontoon, you know how much fun it is to cruise the lake and pull into a spot on the bank to spend the day - or night. This half enclosure is nice because it keeps the front of the pontoon open and accessible at all times.
A pontoon boat playpen cover is used when your pontoon boat is moored, trailered or in storage.
We hope that you found this information helpful, and remember to stop by Rocky Mountain RV and Marine for all your RV and boating needs! Spending extended periods of time on our lakes and rivers without spending a fortune is now possible with the HRV (Hybrid Recreational Vessel) Liberty. The scarcity of waterfront property, the prohibitive cost of buying, maintenance, taxes and services are all the more reason to see the HRV as the economical practical alternative.

The ultimate benefit of HRV is the ability to live as a nomad, it is easily transportable on its own custom trailer since it weighs about 5,000lbs total. Search-Boats is a Boats & Yachts classifieds search engine to find different boat types for sale New and Used. The HRV is a unique new concept developed by Southland a Canadian manufacturer of high quality pontoon boats. At around a quarter of the cost of the average waterfront cottage in Canada and built with all aluminum structure the HRV is inexpensive to buy and inexpensive to maintain. This true hybrid offers a floating independence at all times thanks to its revolutionary design and three different energy sources: green, electric and propane.
Half boat with large outside seating area and Half cruiser, with its full size stand up shower full kitchen and dinette, in the HRV you can enjoy the best of the outdoors without sacrificing anything in the comfort of daily living: eating, sleeping, having fun.

Knowing that many people are faced with the rising cost of waterfront property, the folks at Southland have come up with a practical economical solution that allows owners to feel completely autonomous with solar and wind power sources and all the amenities needed to experience life on the water without interruption.
The HRV is also equipped with a 110v Shore power inlet when you are at the dock you can charge up the batteries and still use all the onboard appliances. Thirdly the fridge, stove, water heater are all propane powered with cylinders stored outside for safety.

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