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The flat bottom Pacific Coast dories are renowned for their ability to navigate shoal water, carry a load, and building simplicity. The forward vee bottom plywood is fully developed to bend simply in place and two layers are used to make forming even easier. There are various power options; the standard version uses an outboard motor mounted in a well, however, complete details are provided for transom mounted outboard(s). The hull is left wide open so you can easily make custom modifications or add a cabin from the Glen-L Dory Cabin Plans group. 5 different cabin plans all in one package for the Big Hunk, Hunky Dory, Little Hunk, V-Dory or Chunky Dory. Learn how to fiberglass the easy way, by looking over the shoulder of an expert who is working on actual boats.
How many of you have the motor mounted on the transom as opposed to mounted in a motor well just inside the transom. And, do any of you use a kicker motor to get you into deep enough water to lower and fire up the mail motor?
Dories are launched by sliding off the trailer stern first, turned by hand, pushed out until in enough water for the motor. I've not seen anybody row out, and I don't think oars provide enough power to punch over the waves. I highly recommend joining the Doryman's association, and attending their spring and fall meetings. Wells were put into the old Double Enders when guys figured out that they could use the out board motors and not have to row them around the ocean. I've been a doryman since 1967 and commercial fished my own boat at the age of 14 & I'm a second generation doryman. Pull up to where wife is standing an jump out leaving the door open and the truck rolling so it does not get stuck.
Depending on the size of the surf I may hold the boat until I see that the big set is just starting to lay down.
Jet pumps never really caught on there because there are times when you need to idle in the surf and let the waves break before you.
And I have two sons who I'd love to punish -- or maybe just inflict more fun upon them than they've ever had before. Originally Posted by safewalrus Apart from the thought of anyone wishing to proceed 10 to 15 miles offshore New Zealand (or offshore anywhere else straight into an Ocean) scares the sh*t outa me, what about ballast? Since I haven't any pictures yet, I suppose I can describe the boat and that will give you an idea.
She changed hands and the new owner wanted a power boat, so he blocked off the centreboard casing, installed a heavier transom with less rake, and added another strake to give 4" more freeboard.
The cockpit lockers were installed with zinc plated screws, and by the time we bought her for the price of the trailer last year, there were a few soft spots in the ply of sides and bottom aft and the transom. I hoped to get an easily driven, seakindly hull capable of carrying four adults out at 10kt to catch Groper.
By your discription I'm not sure if your a fool or a brave man with a sense of humour, from your comments in the thread above I'd be inclined to actually state the later rather than the former (which I know makes a change for me, but I actually admire youe sense of humour - your comment on the gallon of diesel may be the right thing to have done at a guess but **** we gotta have a crack at insanity sometimes!
Further the comments on 'beach' above, you could use sand if thats what you've got, the idea is to get a cheap environmental firendly ballast for your initial assessment! Yesterday was vaguely unpleasant, the sort of day when you go to sea to work or because you haven't been fishing for three months, rather than because its a nice day. Big rocking and Marcus standing on the gunwale eventually put water over the coamings and heroic efforts after that gradually got her to about 110-120 degrees and then she slowly turned turtle and floated upside down.

The additional ballast certainly helped her initial stability, but the fact that she turned turtle in extremis really worries me. Location: Whangarei, NZ Thanks Samsam, there isn't actually anywhere to put ballast in the midline. Many adventures over the past eighteen months, so I thought I'd post and update anyone who is interested on progress.
First sanded back to the original glass on topsides and chine edges of the bottom form max beam aft. Then laid the 2" thick planks of High Density polystyrene foam on edge like a stack of cards or biscuits on top of the extended bottom, offering them, marking them, fairing them and epoxying them to the topsides and each other as the stack was built, then fairing the stack (which was taken away to nothing at the gunwale beltings). So far she has punched her way to windward in a 20kt breeze with the resulting sea on top of a 1.5m swell pretty comfortably and dry when trimmed by the lee and the stern and throttled back to 10-11kt. Location: Cornwall, England Looks like you've rebuilt the whole boat - your bungalow is now a house kinda thing! Location: Coastal Georgia Thanks for the update, it's good to see solutions to problems.
Location: Southern California I designed and built a 19ft modified dory and i routienly take it a 100nm offshore.
They also used a dory type boat on the rivers of maine for log drives because they were so good loaded. Originally Posted by SamSam Thanks for the update, it's good to see solutions to problems. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
2007 C-DORY 26 Pilot House Anaheim CA Pilot house boats c-dory boats 26 pilot houseYear: 2007 Pilot house boats c-dory boats 26 pilot house anaheim, ca pilot house boats 26 ft.
But, a vee has been incorporated in the forward bottom sections for a smoother ride in a choppy sea. To balance out such modifications, a method of keeping the boat in equilibrium over the center of buoyancy is given. And for those of you who have it mounted directly onto the transom, what does the launch sequence look like? I watched part of a high traffic day at Pacific City last summer and was almost whimpering. Before we can pass judgement, and yes for a time I was a sguilty as the next man (they all got flat bottoms instead of keels so I guess they kinda fill the definition?!
I have no way of posting pictures at present and other committments got in the way of more sea trials with ballast as suggested, so I haven't felt as if I had much to contribute. Rubbing strakes along the new wide chines, from nothing at max to add a further 2" at the transom.
Now that you've experienced the before and after, do you have ideas on what the next would be as far as to what you originally wanted? A flatbottom requires exagerated transom lift and if you have a 'v' in the bow, it causes bow-steering. The raised forefoot was retained to eliminate hooking or tracking when quartering a sea or wake. For the conventional in-line inboard power enthusiast, a centrally located conversion, or marine engine is depicted. The hull can be lengthened or shortened a couple of feet by adding or subtracting frames in the aft section of the boat. Meaning, assuming you have the boat pointed out, do you manually push it out till your in deep enough water to drop and fire up the main motor, or do you row it out part way?

Original dories had wells because, when commercial trolling, fish sometimes swing behind the stern before netting.
With the well in the boat what they would do is row out past the surf line, lift the motors into the well, and fish. I have logged over 90,000nm open sea miles in two modified dorys since '84 and i have pretty much refined the hull configuration as far as practical for my needs. Of course, the plans include Bill of Materials and Fastening Schedule along with progressive instructions, plus full size or half section patterns for essential parts. Play until you get the right amount; the idea being that you can dump ballast as you catch fish!
It does everything I set out to do (10-15nm offshore and confident of being able to come home if it turns to custard) except that I can only take two rather than the four I wanted to accommodate.
Not a matter of HP, more a matter of fundamental stability, in that she wallows and the righting moment is so small when she is heavily loaded that she feels ponderous.
I needed a boat that could get me home regardlless of the weather, that's why i chose the flattbottom dory style hull with a tiller engine. Flatbottoms are a great hull configuration for running the seas, but you have to do it right. Melton both Free methodist preachers with bad backs decided they could put a covered tunnel in the boat off the well and tip the motor up above the bottom line and use it to push themselves out and thereby not having to row OR lift the motor twice. To much derision and dire warnings of disaster they launched and landed their modified boat. She took a lot more water into the cabin, since washboards are not designed to keep water out while submerged.
Putting half on each chine would seem to sort of cancel itself out and just make the boat heavier and sluggish.
By keeping the skag and props above and in front of the bottom of the transom they are protected during these activities. With the tunnel set up you fire the engine turn the wheel and the motor drops and swings in to place very quickly. They get used hard and back in the day if you fished much at all you had better know at least the basics of outboard repair while on the water. With no power trim you ran it in until it cavitated and revved up then shut the key off and held on. As to the kicker motor they used to row them out so I dont know why a kicker would'nt work after a fashion, but the real question is why would you want to do it? Generations of fishermen have perfected getting off of and on to that beach I am not sure I would re-invent the wheel unless I had to. In 1977 I got caught in a sneaker set that came in while I was hung up on that stupid late July-early August sandbar that builds about 200 yards off the beach. The front side of the second wave slammed my stern backwards into the bottom so hard it rolled my partner out the back of the boat. Had I had a transom mount there is not a shadow of a doubt that my stern would have shattered on impact.

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