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Official Raingutter Regatta Rules CUB SCOUT PACK 318  The rules for the Raingutter Regatta are fairly simple. Any attempts to repeat or replicate the experience detailed on this and following pages should only be done by adults or under strict adult supervision! Now, Troop 53 leaders are known for (ahem) creative solutions to challenges and thinking "outside the box." In this case way, way, way outside the box. Tuesday morning I brought all the stuff on my list back to camp except for the rocket motors. While all this was going on, Christie Kwock had heard scuttle-butt that another adult who was a SCUBA diver planned on using his air tank to blow on the sail of his boat. Here are simply vitamin A few to insure you have angstrom playfulness and fast race General information on Speed and sauceboat Most Raingutter Regatta boat.
All such attempts are your responsibility and we are not responsible for any maimings or killings resulting from your ineptness or stupidity!
Our Camp Director announced that there would be a "no holds barred" (fatal mistake) adult leader Raingutter Regatta during our week at camp.
While there we ran into the Camp Director and asked again if it was truly a no holds barred race. I also couldn't find any epoxy at home but did find a tube of Marine Goop and figured that would be just as good. The dowel in the Raingutter Regatta kit that is supposed to be a mast was cut to the width of the hulls and glued to both them and the motor mount. Besides wondering how he would regulate the force from this we really didn't figure that it would be real competition — if our boat actually worked. He confirmed that it was (insert evil laugh here) and that he was happy someone was interested in actually running a boat in the race.
We also tried to keep our boat somewhat secret since we thought that, if found out, we might get disqualified even though this was technically a no-rules race. This was Noah’s first Cub Scout competetion and he took first off place with his unique sauceboat How to Build a Raingutter Regatta Boat for Boy Scouts.

Any search term that has "Raingutter Regatta" in it seems to have this as one of the top 10 returns in Google and Yahoo. We cut the boat hull in half lengthwise (bow to stern), sanded the two halves to the same profile and turned them on their sides (curved side down).
After a couple of careful cuts to the mount, it was inserted and glued into the back of the cockpit. At least some of our Scouts knew what was being built and we couldn't possibly keep them from talking about it. If your gravy boat does altogether this it finishes ahead of any boat that can’t raingutter regatta boat plans.
All parts (2 outriggers, polymer hull, mast, sail and 4 screws) provided in the kit must be used in the boat construction.
If you came here from a search, please realize that this is not a "real" Raingutter Regatta boat.
Someone asked about pointing the bows, but we thought that keeping a "planing" hull would be advantageous in terms of keeping the rocket from burying the bow in the water and possibly turning our boat into a submarine.
After the paint dried it was time for a trial mating of car and boat to determine balance and final weight. A side benefit to turning the mount upside down was that it moved the axis of force from the rocket closer to the hulls, lessening the worry of burying the bows in the water. A couple of staff members caught wind of our design and we swore them to secrecy and no one actually called us "on the carpet" about the boat. Raingutter regatta Looking for group A fast stable good looking Raingutter Regatta gravy boat design Here it is Regatta catamaran in action These pages supply plans for a Raingutter.
We also figured that we would need some sort of "guidance system" to keep the boat in some semblance of control for the safety of spectators. We got out a frying pan, filled it with water, set the hulls on the water, then the car on top of the hulls.
Out of the box the car's guide string is attached to an orange plastic box that has a metal "blast shield".

Here’s how to build up your Comments about pretend the ultimate raingutter regatta racer. So a list was made of materials we would need and I would bring them back with me on Tuesday. The nose of the car was cut off because the car was longer than the hulls and to cut down on weight.
No one knew what would happen to this cobbled together joint when the rocket actually fired. They included dowels, a roll of suspended ceiling wire, spray paint, sand paper, a sheet of Troop 53 logos to glue on the boat, epoxy, the smallest rocket motors we could find, and anything else I thought would come in handy.
Craig cut the wing off of the car and it was mounted to the motor mount clips but the angle of attack was wrong — it would have forced the bows down. These wires are "permanently attached" to the box but it didn't take long to take them off. The waterline was at the top of the hulls and we were worried that the force of the rocket may push them further underwater. So I made a little wing mount out of aluminum, glued it to the clips and then glued the wing to the wing mount.
So our plastic surgeon Jim started hacking at the rear struts of the car until we lost enough weight. The sail may only be attached to the mast by glue (this is highly recommended), no mechanical fasteners will be allowed and the sail may not be in contact with any part of the boat except the mast. A better solution might be to get a cheap chalk-line reel and use that but we didn't want to spend any more money. Details such as figures, decals and paint are permissible as long as these details are securely glued or fastened to the boat.

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