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Kids will actually figure out that they can move the batteries around and get more power out of them. This classic design boat is beautiful in the water, its elegeant lines depicting tugboats of days gone by. THIS BOAT IS A CUSTOM BUILT ORDER.  PLEASE ALLOW 15-18 BUSINESS DAYS FOR YOUR ORDER TO SHIP TO YOU FROM THE DATE OF PAYMENT. Fiberglass floor Boat, Fiberglass floor Yacht, Fiberglass hull Yacht, Fiberglass Yacht, Model No. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

The two pontoons are recycled from Styrofoam packaging material using some thick wire to connect them and provide a framework for the propulsion and control circuitry. Impressive in the water as well as upon its stand, the Savannah Harbor Tug stands out as a masterpiece of ready to run modeling. The motor itself is a hobby outboard, which really only required [Kevin] to develop a method for steering. He walks us through the build process in the video after the break, where we find out that the original toy has a pretty bad design flaw. Every fitting on the boat is in its correct place and the models scale wake and power will impress you.

It seems the car used four AA batteries to drive the motor, but one of the four batteries was also used separately from the other three to power the control circuitry. THIS TASK TAKES ABOUT 20 MINUTES TO DRILL SEVERAL SMALL HOLES AND THEN TIE THE TIRES THRU THE HOLES.

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