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Improving further our very successful Flying Dragon was a real challenge, but our Ultimate Version will make any RC boat enthusiast very happy indeed.
With a thoroughbred track record in the challenging world of all-out circuit racing, Arrow Shark's Flying Dragon remains a popular choice around the world. For our Ultimate Version, we have fitted our latest upgraded-model XP254M V2 billet engine with our also-new M-39 Pro-Mod barrel-type high performance carburetor.
With all these upgrades for the Ultimate Version of the Flying Dragon, we still include other features such as CNC-engineered accessories, a fully adjustable T-bar, a CNC-version servo box, and an aluminum boat stand for a smarter appearance when on display.

Its design gives excellent handling as well as outright speed, so those new to this exciting hobby of RC boats can confidently take the wheel and gain expertise whilst those with many laps already driven will be more than happy at the overall performance. This combination delivers more power than ever before, and we have reduced weight by fitting a direct-drive collet rather than using a clutch and water-cooling pump. This combination of unique hardware not only makes your Ultimate Version Flying Dragon look super cool, but it aids excellent all-round performance and enables you to trim your boat for maximum results in variable conditions.
Complete with our new Pro-Mod M-39 barrel-type carburetor and an Arrow Shark power-tuned pipe with integral muffling, the engine is right up there with even top modified racing engines.
At 47inches long (52 inches including hardware), the hull has the size to conquer most conditions and this Ultimate Version Flying Dragon is right at home in unsettled waters when a fleet of close-running racers is carving up the lake.

The direct-drive facility also gets more power to the prop for higher efficiency a€“ and more owner satisfaction!

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