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New Tippecanoe Master Craftsmanship Award Awarded to a select handful of exceptional craftsmen who have done brilliant work in creating their beautiful model yachts from Tippecanoe kits. Order Form: Order from our secure, encrypted on-line order form, or call us at 1-800-206-0006 or 1-360-966-7245 to order. Tips on Racing RC Sailboats: where to sail, how to set up a good course, racing markers, starting and finishing, building a fleet.
Family Boatbuilding at the WoodenBoat Festival at Mystic Seaport 2014 Festival will include Family Boatbuilding with the T37 Racing Sloop! It was an honor to be featured for my work with designing and building model yachts in the alumni profile in my university's alumni magazine.
The 2013 T37 National Championships will be held at the Seattle Yacht Club on Saturday, October 5th, 2013!
Folks are sailing every weekend during the season and lot of weekdays too on Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. The Marblehead Model Yacht Club (MMYC) is a non-profit organization comprised of enthusiasts who are dedicated to the sport of model yachting.
I am looking for other RC sailors out there that want to sail their boats outside of the normal organized events.
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We started in a small garage in a residential neighborhood in Seattle, but as we grew larger we needed more space so we moved 2 hours north of Seattle to Everson, Washington.
Our earliest models were mostly free-sailing boats, but as the years  passed we added more and more radio control boats until now this is our specialty.
By marrying the highest tech modern materials with very light but durable woods we create ultra high performance boats that are some of the most beautiful model boats that have ever been built.

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Find our Free-Sailing Boats by clicking on the second category where it says "Sailboats Free Sailing" on the next line below.
The T37 RC Racing Sloop is a beautiful fast sailing boat and the ideal size for a radio control sailboat for most RC sailors. The T37 Racing Upgrade Remote-controlled Sailboat Kit has been specifically designed for increased speed and performance. The solid stainless steel table stand lets you display your T27 RC Sailboat on a horizontal surface, such as a desk or mantel. This solid metal wall hanging stand lets you hang your T27 RC Sailboat from a regular picture hook.
This solid metal stand hangs on a picture hook to allow you to display your T37 RC Sailboat hanging on the wall. This solid brass Table Stand allows you to display your T47 Fairharbor RC Schooner elegantly on any horizontal surface. This Floor Stand allows you to display your T50MOD RC Sailboat sitting elegantly on the floor. This solid brass floor stand allows you to rig and assemble your RC Trimaran easily while it sits in its stand.
The T52 sails incredibly, maneuvers perfectly and is a truly exciting big boat for sailing in big lakes.
Our organization is one of the oldest model yacht clubs in America, with origins dating back to 1892. Instead of selling look-alike plastic boats manufactured overseas, we have maintained the tradition of building beautiful wooden sailing boats here in this country and offering them as easily built and affordable kits.

To maintain the classic design, its deck is made of a beautiful .05 inch (1 mm) marine three-ply laminated okoume veneers.
Its powerful engine drives the tug at a fast pace and has plenty of torque for towing or pushing other boats. MMYC's mission is to foster an enjoyable environment for sailing, racing, building and designing model yachts. I grew up with a beautiful model sailboat that had been built many years before I was born. When I hear so many wonderful stories from owners all over the world, I am convinced that the pleasure of building and sailing a truly beautiful wooden boat far exceeds the pleasure of sailing something made of plastic. The wood construction adds a beauty and authenticity to this RC Sailboat that is incomparable. Everything is included, all precut wooden parts, speed controller, rechargeable battery pack, plug in charger, rc transmitter, receiver, electric motor and propeller. I felt that the world was a lesser place without beautiful model sailboats for youngsters to grow up with and for adults to enjoy. A wooden yacht is a work of art and has an enduring beauty that only grows richer as the boat ages. We have a variety of racing accessories including a kit for Official Racing Marks, a Starting Timer and a bow bumper.

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