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The response from her was that I probably had one too many adult beverages and that it was time for bed.
Doing a few quick calculations yielded the amount of flotation needed to support the 2,000 lb. The PERFECT donor was soon in tow behind me (after fitting 4 new tires) for a bargain price. The Y-Knot has now spent over 40 days and nights on the water, and Lake Powell is the favored destination. There are TONS of posts on this blog that aren’t about year round small house living. I have a small apartment but I was able to use ideas from this blog to live very comfortably in it. This pull along has more going for it as a full time living facility thatn some others that have been featured that dont have water, heat or transportability. Just wondering how wide the walking space is to get out the door along the side to the end decks. I don’t agree with all the posts I read here, but I am inspired by ALL the posts in some way and the creativity that comes out in each post.

We both agreed that our recently purchased Chalet hard sided folding trailer was a great deal of fun, but that the lack of privacy at camp grounds was always an issue with us.
The idea lingered in the back of my head for a couple of months until I got the tape measure out, measured the Chalet and started making chalk marks on the driveway.
The new resting place was in a pole barn owned by a friend, perfect to begin construction out of the hot Tucson sun.
With thousands of miles of shore line and hundreds of canyons to explore (and excellent fishing) I anticipate spending many hours there in the coming years. There are people on the east coast, Connecticut for example who would like to have this for their home right now… glad to see it. Looks like so much fun and who knows where this might lead…maybe a tinyhouseblog reader will come up with a plan for full time living.
We also agreed that time spent on or near the water was a high priority, and that Lake Powell was one of our favorite spots.
Luckily, the 90 hp Yamaha motor just needed some minor work and the tranny a simple adjustment. The stamp of approval came via a Coast Guard inspector, who spent a couple of hours studying all the changes and modifications (several hundred in total) that I had done.

But most of them have something in the post that could be applied to a year round tiny house living situation.
We considered a speed boat purchase, but we both felt it would probably only see the water a few days a year.
It wasn’t long until I found a likely candidate, a very neglected 1988 Party Hut tritoon. Completely rotted out and literally crumbling, the trailer had 4 rotted tires and the engine was dead. Supposedly, the engine had a ruined transmission that would cost $2500.00 alone to replace.

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