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Enjoy Lake Hartwell's finest scenic areas by exploring them with the finest pontoon boats around. Our rental boats can hold up to 12 passengers and there's enough room for the whole group to stretch out.
Rent our Bentley pontoon boats to take the family out to go swimming on the gorgeous waters of Lake Hartwell. Use the pontoon boat to visit many different islands located in different parts of the lake. Lake Hartwell is an ideal location for vacation and it features over 80 public boat launches and park areas.
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Let's skirt the tip of the peninsula, leaving the Scaliger castle on the right, and continue in the direction of Peschiera, the walled city, where the lake becomes the Mincio river. This unmissable stop boasts incredible landscapes, besides the beautiful mermaids' bay to take a dip in, and the small port with a tavern where you can enjoy delicious snacks.
We continue cruising in the Gulf of Salo up to its large and convenient harbor, for a visit to the city that played a significant role for Italy during the Second World War. The castle is surrounded by the lake, and a dock was built shortly after the construction of the castle itself, to harbor the Scaliger fleet.
The construction of this fortress began in the mid-thirteenth century, probably on the remains of a Roman fort. Its construction was ordered by the Podesta of Verona, Leonardino della Scala as known as Mastino I della Scala. About one century later, two courtyards and an independent fortification were added and connected to the main building through a barbican, to upgrade the defenses of the fortress. Time and reasons of the decline of the villa are still unknown, but the discovery of graves, both inside and outside the building, dating from the fourth to the fifth century proves that, at that time, the structure had already been abandoned. The latter inherited the island, and the current owners are his wife Charlotte Chetwynd Talbot, and children: Sigmar, Livia, Eric, Ilona, Alberta, Christian and Lars Patrick. The Foundation of the Vittoriale degli Italiani is open to the public year-round, and visited by about 180,000 people a year.
During the summer, there is a lively cultural scene with several concerts at the Lacaor Theater, a striking natural arena at the foot of the Scaliger Castle, and exhibitions of painting and sculpture.
24ft Tahoe Deck Boat Rentals in Lake Havasu, AZ has the capacity of a pontoon boat with the performance of a ski boat allowing the entire family to enjoy. Pick up your boat rentals and take your water adventure at the Nautical Inn and Resort on the Island in Lake Havasu City. The Nautical Inn and Resort is less than a 2 mile drive into town, giving you the chance to go to the major grocery chains or maybe a Walmart or Kmart are also available in case you need to make any last minute food or beverage purchases in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. For additional information you can view this item at Nautical Sports Center-Lake Havasu or you can use the contact form below. Call the number above or fill out the contact form below for additional questions, availability, and detailed pricing.

Patio boats are easy to drive and have quiet, reliable, fuel-efficient 4-stroke motors (fuel is not included). These boats are all about Lake Life and that boating experience you and your family will enjoy without any hassle.  They are roomy and promote Family Fun and relaxation.
The boats are very comfortable and it's the best way to fill your vacation with the excitement and fun that you always wanted.
These boats are equipped with Mercury 60 hp four stroke motors which are great for exploring the various scenes that Lake Hartwell has to offer. The Lake is one of the best places for boating, water-skiing, and fishing in South Carolina and Georgia. Now let's head back north towards Torri del Benaco, another quaint village, and then cross the lake to the Brescia shores, where we can make a stop in the charming Toscolano- Maderno. It is one of the most complete and best preserved castles in Italy, as well as a rare example of a lake fortress. The walls and the three massive towers are characterized by swallow-tailed crenellations, typical of the Scaliger buildings: right behind, the imposing 47-meter high tower, under which were located the cells for the prisoners. The castle had a function of defense and of control of the harbor, for the town of Sirmione, being close to the border, was more exposed to aggressions. In 1405, Sirmione passed under the control of the Venetian Republic, and its defensive structures got furthermore strengthened. Sirmione held the record for the best defensive position until the sixteenth century, when, for political reasons, the fortress of Peschiera del Garda got modernized. During a stormy night, a Venetian knight from the region of Feltre called Elalberto asked for shelter in the castle. Over the centuries, various chroniclers and travelers visited the ruins, but the first real studies on them were carried out only in 1801 by a general of Napoleon Bonaparte. It holds a rich library of 33,000 books of Italian and French literature, history, art and rare editions including 16th-century books and incunabula.
Nautical Sports Center has the largest rental fleet located right on the water giving you easier access and convenience.
Our luxury patio boats have a tow hook off the rear that makes it easy for pulling kids on an inner tube, and the propane BBQ with a push-button start adds a new dimension to boating.  Fishing from these boats is simple as they are are stable and easy to walk around. Then pull the kids on an inner tube and take lots of pictures, and Facebook or Insta-gram your friends and make them jealous.  Great for families with children or couples wanting an easy boat to drive.
The couple hosted the knight who, stunned by the beauty of the girl, tried to enter her room during the night. At a later stage, Girolamo Orti Manara from Verona starts further excavations, making new and more extensive researches. Francis of Assisi founded a monastery for the monks of his order, a structure closed only in the eighteenth century and replaced in the nineteenth by a building in Venetian neo-Gothic style.
No launch ramp lines and no hassles for your convenience pick up your rental boat right on the dock at The Nautical Inn Resort in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

The archaeological complex, studied since the beginning of the nineteenth century and brought to light in several stages, is today the most important evidence of the Roman period in the territory of Sirmione, and the most magnificent example of a Roman villa in Northern Italy. Rare species and unique flowers bloom in this special place, alongside a harmonious wood of pines and cypresses, acacias and lemon trees, magnolias and agaves. In the nearby village of Cassone flows one of the shortest rivers in the world: the river Aril, about 175 meters long. Ebengardo ran into the room to find Arice lifeless, and blinded by rage killed Elalberto with his dagger.
The island, located in the south- eastern part of the Gulf of San Felice, is close to the coast and in dry periods it is reachable on foot. The birdsong seems to be the joyous voice of the soul of those who, over the centuries, have respected, cared for and loved it. The five monks of that settlement lived a life of contemplation, in absolute poverty, in their cells dug into the rock. Anthony of Padua visited the site.  Probably even Dante Alighieri landed on the island, in 1304. Bernardine of Siena adorned the garden of the convent (with lemon, lime, orange and olive trees).
Subsequently, Francesco Licheto (a Franciscan) held public lectures on philosophy and theology.
In 1803 (Napoleon had founded the Cisalpine Republic six years before), the religious order was suppressed. The island became the property of the State, and then was sold to the Conter family of Salo. In 1817, the property passed to the Benedetti brothers (from Portese), to Giovanni Fiorentini (a merchant from Milan) and to the Lechi family (from Brescia). At the beginning of 1870, the Scotti family won an auction on the site and then sold the island to the Duke de Ferrari (from Genoa). The result was an impressive building, really complex, in a neo-Gothic Venetian style (which reminds of the Doge's Palace in Venice). At the death of Mary Annenkov (wife of the Duke de Ferrari), her daughter Anna Maria inherited the building. Anna Maria married Prince Scipione Borghese and their daughter Livia took great care of this paradise for over fifty years.
She was the wife of Count Alessandro Cavazza and had three children: Novello, Paolo Emilio and Camillo.

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