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Although you indicated you're a new customer, an account already exists for the email you entered. Begun in 1933 as the first Tennessee Valley Authority project, the 4,038-acre Norris Dam State Park is home to one of the statea€™s most picturesque reservoirs and a wealth of recreation activities. A long list of fun activities can be enjoyed at Norris Dam a€“ camping, picnic areas, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis, playgrounds, sports fields, recreation center and much more.
Along with its natural beauty, Norris Dam has a rich history displayed at the excellent Lenoir Museum Cultural Complex. Jackie Sheckler Finch has written several guidebooks, including The Unofficial Guide to Campgrounds in the Great Lakes States, and four times she was named Travel Writer of the Year by Midwest Travel Writers Association.

Location: Norris Dam is located in Anderson County and Campbell county in Eastern Tennessee. It is named for Senator George Norris of Nebraska, author of the legislation that created TVA. The complex includes the Lenoir Pioneer Museum, 18th century Rice Grist Mill and 1830s Crosby Threshing Barn.
Norris Lake boasts 700 miles of shoreline, a fully equipped marina, boat ramp, rental pontoon boats and some of the best fishing in the state. Exhibits feature Appalachian artifacts and a pre-dam pictorial account of the area now submerged by the lake.

Norris Lake and Clinch River are known for trout fishing, as well as striper bass, small and largemouth bass, walleye and crappie.
Lenoir, who spent more than 60 years trying to preserve the rapidly changing culture of the people who once lived in the area. For an interesting sight, stop by and see the mighty dam from overlooks on both sides of the lake.

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