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2.if i were to double up the rim-board all the way around, the only side that would benefit from that would be the right side by the closet door. I was planning on scarfing the new to the old as I am thinking it will be easier to get the plywood to conform to the curve of the remaining bottom. I appreciate you giving me the link on airplane repair and introducing me to minimum bend radius but I don't understand it. Dry, we should be able to bend along the grain to a 9 inch radius (18 inches from one side of a complete bend to the other side, with the middle being 9 inches ). After some sleep, I will try to find my notes, and give you more information about bending the grain length wise, or bending across the grain.
And regarding plywood, I am afraid the best grade of plywood available here is exterior grade. Interestingly enough, when I ripped the first panel today there were no voids so hopefully the quality is good enough for my needs.

From your pictures, the rest of the wood looks to be in good shape and that is always reassuring.
The keelson is the internal support often called the keel, but keelson is on the inside, and keel on the outside. This photo is for building model boats, I would expect a keelson to be slightly bigger (height) in an actual boat. The keelson is made by forming a fillet of thickened epoxy 3" wide and narrows as the deadrise increases.
My next challenge is determining if after I put the bottom on and glass and paint is will just the exterior glass be strong enough to support the boat when I roll it over, or should I after cutting and fitting the bottom screw it to a jig and poor and glass the keelson prior to attaching the bottom to the boat. I don't have access to E glass unless I order it from the States which is a 3 week proposition.
I posted here because I was hoping one of the experts could do the math and tell me with certainty yea or nay.

I am not replacing the very forward portion of the bottom as it is still sound which leads me to a couple of questions. When I fit a piece a couple inches over the existing bottom I am able to bend the ply down although it does take a fair amount of pressure.
I don't want to cut and scarf and glue only to have the joint fail when I pull the screws out to glass. Personally it sounds like too much pressure to make the bend and be confident it will hold. I can bend the ply without hearing any cracking but in doing so I had to apply a fair amount of pressure.

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