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Various events have been organised, in Aldeburgh, on Saturday 30th April to help raise essential funds for the RNLI. Cake Bake Sale, Virtual Balloon Race and other events at the IceCreamery on Aldeburgh High Street.
RNLBs FREDDIE COOPER & CHRISTINE were launched by Humber Coastguard to Belgian motor Cruiser JITNIE aground on Orfordness after the Aldeburgh Coastguard team had found the JITNIE when investigating a report of red flares to the South of Aldeburgh.
We would like to thank HM Coastguard Aldeburgh and Ann Marie Jacobs for the use of their photgraphs. The RNLI station on the town’s Crag Path, plays host to the event which runs throughout the afternoon from 1 to 5pm for public attendance, followed by a live performance of their album in the evening to a limited audience of press and specially invited guests. Charles became a member of the Shore Crew in 1972 and has served as Deputy Head Launcher before becoming Lifeboat Operations Manager.

A Gold Badge is awarded for a significant level of dedication, commitment and length of service.  This award is a long-awaited recognition of Sandra’s tireless and willing commitment within the sphere of her voluntary work for the RNLI. Jack Lowe, the actor Arthur Lowe’s grandson, has started a mammoth project visiting every lifeboat station, in his converted ambulance, photographing members of the crew.
Paul Rosher, one of the All-Weather Lifeboat crew, completed the IronMan UK recently, achieving a finish time of 14hrs and 15mins. Post-RNLI working lifeIn 1968 Lucy Lavers retired from the RNLI, and called L'Esperance, became a pilot boat in the Channel Island port of St. The JITNIE was towed to the mouth of the River Ore and the CHRISTINE took over the tow to Orford Quay.
The album comprises of 12 self penned tracks, all with a coastal theme and documents the geography and history of the Eastern shoreline.

He was also a Coastguard Rescue Officer and Station Officer of HM Coastguard Aldeburgh  from 1972 to 2012. She then became the relief boat around the East Coast until 1968, having being called out 89 times. Subsequently she was a private fishing boat and in 1986 she was bought by the Dive and Ski Club of St. During the tourist season, she provided around four hundred trainees with practical experience on a training course from the bays of St.

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