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Joe Thompson after 10 years with Brooklin Boatyard has recently left to start a new boat building and retail shop in Sedgwick Me. The number one, most asked question by those both new and old to the sport of rowing is … “Where can I find the ideal entry level, open water rowing shell”? A “must” characteristic that insures the novice of a sure-handed row, and the veterans of a safe and comforting row. It’s very rewarding to know that the SPRINT can challenge most any rowable condition, and get you home dry.
Both men and women can easily support the weight of a SPRINT on their shoulders, which makes transporting to and from the water a one person job.
The one piece drop-in rigger unit has a simple bolt-down system that takes less than a minute to attach!

A second rowing position has been added in the bow to allow the optional passenger seat to drop in the stern of the cockpit, making the SPRINT an ideal “partners” or coaching vehicle. Little River Marine’s mark of excellence can be seen in every detail – the quality of craftsmanship, the proven performance of design, and the engineering of function – all wrapped up in a package whose price is hard to beat.
Why Row?1.)  Rowing combines a full-body fitness sport with a recreational activity, offering a complete physical and mental conditioning program all in one.
Little River Marine has responded to your quest, and added the SPRINT to our complete line of recreational rowing craft.
With a little “trick of the trade,” you can even let go of the oars, which may encourage taking that fishing pole on your next row.
The unit is also totally adjustable to each rower’s height and skill – all adjustments are made with one of two alan wrenches, which are conveniently located behind the shoe plate, always within reach on or off the water.

They surround the enclosed cockpit and together are your guarantee to tackling rougher waters.
By knowing this, you can’t sink or swamp this shell, which also makes it one of the safest rowing shells on the market today.

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