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In 1985, Endeavour asked America's Cup designer Johan Valentijn to produce the Endeavour 42 and the Endeavour 51 signaling the beginning of a new era, or second generation, of sailboat designs at Endeavour. The Endeavour 42 is by no means a blue water cruiser, but more attention was given to performance by fitting taller rigs, moving the chain plates inboard and switching to balsa cored topsides.
The hull is molded as a sandwich core construction of 1” Balsa Grain Balsa Core between laminates (layers) of polyester resin and fiberglass woven roving and multi-directional chopped strand fiber (MCSF). The deck and cockpit, like the hull, are molded as a single unit of a combination of polyester resin and fiberglass woven roving and MCSF. The joint between the hull and the deck is one of the most important assembly steps in the construction of a yacht.
All ballast is internally mounted inside the keel, which is molded integrally with the hull.
The rudder is molded as a single piece of solid high density foam with a protective skin of fiberglass and a gelcoat finish. The pedestal steering system operates with stainless steel cables rotating a radial quadrant bolted and keyed to the rudder post.
All spars (mast, boom, and spreaders) are extruded aluminum 6061-T6 alloy, with a protective coating an all external surfaces.
These chainplates are stainless steel fittings, either through bolted to the main bulkhead or bolted to the rods. Like the other center-cockpit boats Endeaovur designed the salon came with two dinette options: a traditional layout with the satees aliigned athwartships to port and startboard (as shown in the plan on this page) or a circular dinette configuration like that in the photo here. All timbers and plywood are saturated with polyester resin before assembly to seal all exposed wood.
Next, the entire sole is covered with teak and holly flooring, bonded in place with a waterproof adhesive. The standard propeller supplied with all Endeavour models is a solid bronze, three-blade type. In the Perkins engine, a water pump draws water through the intake port, circulates it through a heat exchanger, where it is pumped in the muffler and overboard through the exhaust port.
The electrical system has been designed to ensure as much trouble free operation as possible.
All ships wiring is plastic coated stranded copper with crimp type connectors used at all junctions of terminals. Metallic fittings (through hulls, etc.) below the waterline are electrically bonded together with green plastic coated 8 gauge copper wire and connected to a common ships ground and this is done to minimize the effect of the electrolytic action when the boat is used in saltwater. Link to Larger Image57 mm Carbo Mainsheet SystemThis efficient 3:1 system features an automatic load-sensing Ratchamatic® block mounted to a swivel base that rotates to face the trimmer. The floors are also transparent, which allows natural sunlight to come through them and brighten the interior. To rest there are five lower deck staterooms and one passage cabin on the upper deck with a private sun bathing area. The best way to stay updated is by liking our Facebook page – we post even more often there.
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Shortly after World War II, Gordon K, "Sandy" Douglass was designing one design, planing sailboats suitable for family day sailing and racing in the lower Great Lakes area. In June, 1950, the plans for the Highlander were published in Yachting Magazine and in the Fall of 1951, Highlander #1 was launched. The Highlander was exhibited at the New York Boat Show in 1952 and the response was overwhelming. Production of the Highlander remained steady until 1959 when a devastating fire at Douglass and McLeod, the Highlander's only builder at the time, destroyed the molds for the molded mahogany plywood boats. Throughout the years, Highlander sailors have been among the best one design sailors in the country competing successfully in events such as US Sailing's Championship of Champions and the earlier One-Of-A-Kind Regattas. As with many long established one design classes, the Highlander has undergone many refinements. But the Highlander Class' commitment to a quality one design boat with emphasis on long lasting boats built for racing and day sailing has remained strong.
Mary Lou Johnson, national and international award winning photographer, creates art in portraying the essence of God's exquisite beauty on Longboat Key. You Are Entering LONGBOAT KEY, FLORIDA - Aluminum City Sign 10 x 14 Inches, A BRAND NEW SIGN!! The first generation of boats Endeavour produced were simple designs (in part based on the CCA design rule), had hand laid FRP hulls, shoal draft keels suited to the shallow waters of Florida Keys and Bahamas, and generally suffered from poor windward performance. Around 257 of these boats were built between 1985 and 1991 and it is considered a comfortable, good value cruiser for those who enjoy the liveaboard lifestyle. Plywood coring is incorporated between layers of fiberglass in the cabin top, deck, and cockpit sole areas to give additional stiffness. The deck is then lowered onto the hull and fastened in place with the stainless steel bolts. Cast pieces of lead are place in the hull, encapsulated in a p0olyester bonding resin, and then covered with a layer of woven roving to form a fiberglass cap.
First, a framework of floor timbers is constructed and place in the bilge and heavily bonded in p0lace with woven roving.
It has a tapered bore that mates to the tapered shaft end and is held in place with two locking nuts and a cotter pin. The saltwater in the heat exchanger lowers the temperature of the engine coolant circulated through the engine block by means of the normal engine water pump.
After his successful Thistle Class sailboat, he felt a need to design a larger boat that was more stable when sailing open water as well as being fast and comfortable. The boat was everything that Douglass had hoped for; a fast, stable boat that was easy to sail with room for an entire family. The first fiberglass boats began production in 1960, though new molds were built so that production of the wood hulls could resume.
Terrell GriffinA RIVETING MYSTERY SET IN THE SIZZLING HEAT OF A FLORIDA SUMMERWhen his girlfriend's body is discovered on the balcony of his condo overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, Logan Hamilton is indicted for murder. Featuring dishes similar to those served at the famous Shenkel's Restaurant on Longboat Key, Florida, this cookbook was published to coincide with the 29th anniversary of that restaurant. This process embeds the image permanently and gives it a smooth surface with a crisp and vivid image.

Cloud FLMerritt Island FLBoynton Beach FLAtlantic Beach FLPahokee FLMelbourne Beach FLPort ST Lucie FLClewiston FLSebastian FLMadison FLBig Pine Key FLNokomis FLKey West FLWinter Springs FLSt.
In no way does Beacont claim ownership or responsibility for such items, and you should seek legal consent for any use of such materials from its owner. When the bolts are tightened, the excess compound is forced into all the crevices and out the sides. The rudder post, molded integrally with the rudder, is solid stainless steel, which is welded to a steel blade in the interior of the rudder.
In addition, a stainless steel bolt with locking nut passes through the coupling and shaft to prevent backing out of the shaft in reverse.
A crew of two or three can put this popular boat through its paces for tight, tactical racing.
If you have $100+ million burning a hole in your pocket, this may be something you will enjoy.
His friend Matthew Royal, a burned out trial lawyer living in an island paradise in Florida, reluctantly comes out of early retirement to represent Logan. Among the recipes you will find authentic South Wales recipes from ladies who live there, written in their own vernacular that's a bit strange and, in parts, even humorous to Americans. Entertaining and delightful, each colorful page introduces a stunning image of a serene scene, a wildlife close up, an inviting white sandy shore. The teak cap is then installed, bedded in a heavy layer of the same compound and secured in place, doubly ensuring water tightness. Where the rudder post passes through the hull, water tightness is ensured by means of a stuffing box.
If no generator is installed at the factory, these are plugged with removal caps for possible future use.
Selected for the American Sailing Hall of Fame in 1998, the Flying Scot has been used for many US Sailing events including the Mallory, Adams and Sears Cup Championships. The tale twists and turns as Matt travels to Iowa, Chicago and South Florida, trying to save Logan from the death penalty pursued by a hard nosed female prosecutor who never loses.
Chapter titles include "Break of Dawn," "At the Water's Edge," "Beach Treasures," "Wings of Nature," "Soul-Filling Seas," "Private Spaces & Secret Gardens," "Evening Tranquility," and "A Sense of Community Thrives. Great for you basement, garage, den, office, man cave and it makes the perfect gift for any occasion. In the past chandeliers, owned only by wealthy family, were very light, consisting two beams of wood.
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