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Remarks: Price includes 1997 Triad trailer and jin pole for single handed raise or lower mast and many other items. Remarks: This is a two owner Hunter (current since '99) which has had continuous loving care since new.
Remarks: If you are ready to go Champaign Cruising on a Beer Budget you have just found your yacht! Remarks: She has been refurbished after tsunami damage to 3 planks, and the hull exterior and bottom has new paint and chain plates reworked to new appearance.

Remarks: I bought Victoria 2 in 2002 and have completely redone the interior in solid wood.
The Hunter 320 is an easy boat to single hand with the IN-MAST FURLING mainsail and modest size jib, she is a great boat for the experienced or new sailor. She bears Caliber's renown attributes and quality from her structural integeraty to her customized teak interior. It was originally purchased as a project boat and has been loved and worked on for 12 years but we are not able to finish it. Extensive inventory of new and used premium Precision brokerage and dealer listings available domestically and worldwide.

1 response Search, browse and buy thousands of PRECISION sailboats, yachts and boats for sale. Submit an ad to sell your personal Precision sailboat (no dealers please.) Short, simple ads using the submission form are free.

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