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Our second generation stitch and glue is the ideal material for a light and fast sport boat.
The 5 panel hull shape is easy to build.It has less wet area than a sharpie hull but still has the flat bottom ideal for good downwind performance and planing. The preferred keel is the vertical drop keel with a 400 lb bulb on the end of the high aspect foil.
While this a Mertens-Goossens design, credit must be given to Evan Gatehouse for his collaboration.
The plans show an integral outboard bracket for a motor of 2 to 4 HP, 20" or longer shaft..

Consult the designer for a super light version using honeycomb for most parts except the hull. The plywood cored epoxy-fiberglass composite panels are stronger and stiffer than a plain fiberglass skin and the construction of such a boat is within the reach of any amateur builder. We show specifications and part numbers for all parts but this an area where experts sailors will customize their boat.
It can be replaced by a smaller, lighter structural platform to support the keel trunk and a stringer all around. This is not a boat for a first time sailor and builders will use our sail plan and deck plans as a starting point that they can adapt to their preferences.

While the CB keel will not deliver the same performance than the fin keel, it is good solution for those who must adjust draft as they sail. While this is far from the comfort of a cruising boat, there sufficient space to sleep two.

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