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The in-depth boating information available at Discover Boating can help you find a fishing boat that works best for you, no matter what your budget or needs. Multi-Hull Cruisers – Multi-hull cruisers (also known as catamarans) have two hulls, which can provide a softer ride than other v-bottom hulls.
Flat Boats – Most commonly used in coastal areas, flats boats are specialized saltwater fishing boats. Sportfishing Boats – Designed for serious saltwater fishing, sport fishing boats come equipped with all the whistles and bells needed for finding, hooking and landing fresh fish. All-Purpose Fishing Boats – Capable of pursuing many different types of species, all-purpose fishing boats can just as easily be used for saltwater fishing as they can for watersports and spending time with family and friends. Fish and Ski Boats – These versatile bowriders are made for enjoying it all, from boat tubing and wakeboarding to serious saltwater fishing. Deck Boats – Just like their name suggests, one of the main features of a deck boat is a large deck that makes it ideal for entertaining large groups of people. Walkaround – Walkarounds are similar to center consoles in that they have a full-length primary deck. Sedan Bridge – Ideal for saltwater fishing, the sedan bridge contains almost all the amenities of a typical high-performance sport fishing boat, with a few sacrifices made for additional onboard comfort and recreational space.
Inboard Cruisers – Inboard cruisers feature generous cabin areas and tend to be at least 30 feet in length. Multi-Hull Powerboats – These catamarans make excellent high-performance saltwater fishing boats for offshore boating and extended cruising, featuring the signature multi-hull design that provides a softer ride.
Closed Bow Runabout – These sporty boats are similar to a bowrider, except their bow is closed instead of open. This entry was posted in Best Opportunities, News, Tips and tagged fishing best boats, fishing boats, fishing tips, saltwater boats on August 26, 2015 by admin. Saltwater fly-fishing destinations are very different from one another, and each presents unique challenges for tackling fast-running fish.
The Virtual Flyshop’s Marketplace section has pages of sites that offer travel information. Many East Coast fly fishers, for example, know that the fantastic run of false albacore at Cape Lookout, North Carolina, occurs from the last part of October through the first two weeks of November. Lefty Kreh uses a backpack for his airline carry-on so he can keep his hands free when moving through an airport.

On the plane, try to get an aisle seat between rows 15 and 20 so you can get on and off quickly and there will be plenty of overhead storage for your rods and carry-ons.
Anthony's harbour in Newfoundland, Canada as they wait for pack ice in the area to melt. Anthony in Newfoundland, Canada, fishing boats tie up to the dock as they wait for the pack ice around the harbour to thaw and disintegrate.
Whether you prefer calm coastal waterways or deep sea fishing adventures, saltwater fishing boats present a wide variety of options for family boating, sport fishing and more.
These fuel-efficient boats feature large main cabins and can be used for offshore boating and saltwater fishing. They’re most often used for watersports, offshore boating, and cruising but can also be used for saltwater fishing. These boats can be used for offshore boating and saltwater fishing, and have a drive mechanism that is considered easier to maintain in salt water. While most often used for watersports, they’re also versatile enough to be used for a bit of recreational saltwater fishing.
Use an Internet search engine or web site to find articles about the places you want to fish. Click on Marketplace, then Business Directory, then Guides, Lodges & Outfitters to access the businesses that can put you in the salt.
Sure, the run sometimes starts earlier and lasts longer, even into mid-December, but why take that chance?
For example, in the hottest part of summer, shallow flats positioned far from deep water become too hot for most fish.
Offshore tides are harder to read, but don’t be misled; they also have a major effect on fish behavior.
During a few weeks in some areas, for example, floating grass and debris drift in and pile against shorelines; a spring tide (an extra-high tide) sweeps all of the debris to the surface and makes it difficult to fish. If it doesn’t rain, a raincoat or rainsuit also makes a dandy windbreaker and will keep you dry from splash when fishing from a boat. Commercial fishing is an industry wide way of living in Newfoundland and as the boats sit in the saltwater, time and money is wasting.Fishing boats tied up to the dock in the St Anthony Harbour, St Anthony, Viking Trail, Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland, Canada. The more questions you ask about your destination before you go, the more successful you will be when you arrive.

He wants your business (and return business), so he will give you honest answers to your questions.
Get their opinion as to who are the best guides; all lodges have one or two guides that are a cut above the others.
The Florida & Caribbean section, for example, has information from 21 different businesses, many of which also book trips to other regions. Shallows closer to deep, cool water, however, get relief when the tide rises and the cooler water floods the flats, permitting predator fish and bait to move in.
Ask any experienced billfisher whether an offshore tide affects the fish behavior and he’ll tell you it’s a major part of the game. I follow this rule: It is going to be hotter than they say, colder than they say, wetter than they say, and someone will forget the lunch. Always put on your raingear before you motor out to the fishing area; your raingear serves no purpose after you get wet. I rely on travel agents to do that for me, and the ones who specialize in working with fly fishermen are invaluable. Visit Internet bulletin boards devoted to fly fishing, and ask other people for their advice about different destinations. They often have special discounted rates for Internet users, especially if you are willing to go on quick notice. Tides move and concentrate bait, and the predator fish know where and when to take advantage of the situation. Flats far from deep water get too cold in winter months, and fish flee to the warm, deep water.
Flats located near the warmer, deeper water, however, receive the warmer water with every rising tide.

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