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While many people might not think of the 13 Whaler as a fishing boat, you can’t deny that this little vessel has been the platform for many an excellent fishing adventure. The Striker 44 was introduced in 1968 and is notable if for no other reason than it was the world’s first all-aluminum production sportfishing boat.
The 22 AquaSport is one of the first production center consoles ever built and was a hugely influential design, helping launch other companies like Mako, ProLine and others in the late 1960s. The 34-foot Luhrs came out in 1983, and was an overnight success due to a combination of good design, efficient performance and a lean price tag.
Paul Mann is another of the great North Carolina boatbuilders, and his boats deserve mention because of their combination of high performance and beautiful interior design. The 37 was built by Buddy Merritt and became the boat that ruled the Edge at Cat Cay during the heyday of the giant bluefin tuna migration along the Bahamas Bank at famed Tuna Alley. The Sea Cat was the boat that kicked off the catamaran craze that boomed in the 1990s and is still going strong. Blackfin’s 32 was introduced in 1980 and drew inevitable comparisons to the 31 Bertram, which was nearing the end of its production.
This little gem of a boat has proved extremely popular over the years, and is another boat that has been compared by some to the 31 Bertram for her fishability.
The 17 Mako was the third boat built by Mako Marine in the late 1960s, and it went on to become one of the best-selling boats of all time.
Ricky Scarborough was another game-changing North Carolina boatbuilder who turned out many boats that became famous around the world.
As Yellowfin Yachts grew as a company, based on the initial success of the original 31-footer, they began branching out into larger boats, including the 36. To find out, I asked a handful of boat manufacturers to name their most liked fishing model and then try to explain its appeal.
Introduced in 2012 as a boat that would fish offshore, nearshore and inshore, the 270 Dauntless has proven Whaler’s fast-rising star, the company says. Standard rigging includes a 300 hp Mercury Verado with power steering, but anglers can bump up to a 350 Verado or twin 200 or 225 Verados with VesselView and power steering. Cobia marketing director Charlie Johnson says the 296 CC had made its mark on customers because it's laid out well and truly doubles as a hardcore fishing boat that runs well in seas and still offers plenty of comfortable features like seating throughout, a hideaway table at the bow, and a forward-entry console with a step-down head. The 296 CC debuted in 2008; it received a console redesign in 2013 and a new hardtop was added in 2014. The 435cc is less than two years old, though it has seen recent upgrades to the cabin interior and vinyl options.
Other notable features include the large seating area beneath the hardtop, as well as the aft seat that flips down for socializing back at the dock, Tubaugh says.
Invincible launched its boat brand in 2007 and debuted this 36-foot center-console, with a Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel hull designed by architect Michael Peters. Invincible says this design — and its resulting ride and performance — sets the model apart among its peers and creates customer demand. Since 2007, Invincible has modified and upgraded the boat’s deck layout, center console and top, and “almost every feature from switches to pumps,” says Bill Cordes, director of sales. While the 36 has dominated c­ompany sales during the last eight years, Cordes predicts the 39, introduced in 2014, should soon eclipse the 36 in popularity.
Jupiter’s 34 Hybrid Forward Seating model evolved from the 34 FS (Forward Seating), which was introduced in 2007 to bridge the gap between the company’s 31- and 38-footers.
The OS 385 blends classic outboard-express features with modern conveniences, Pursuit says. The OS 385 debuted in 2011 as an upgrade to the OS 375, and featured some subtle hardtop design changes and a new interior layout. The 28 was designed with input from customers who wanted a bigger, wider center-console with more power, a transom door, a level deck, and even more standards and options than previous models, Regulator says.
The model’s design and layout simply meet the needs of fishermen and cruisers, Regulator owner Joan Maxwell says. The 420's "sheer sexiness," its lines and its yachtlike amenities attract discriminating fishermen. Sea Born's FX22 Bay remains in high demand because it's not too big and not too small, it's "right inside the sweet spot for the angler who wants a large front deck, multiple wells and plenty of rod holders atop a double-stepped hull," marketing director Sean McCoy says. McCoy says Sea Born's brand reputation starts with its approach to ownership of every boat. The FX22 debuted in April 2014 and has seen updates in the form of modular leaning posts and a Frigid Rigid below-deck hatch.

SeaVee's 340 is a versatile offshore boat that's trailerable and can accommodate twin or triple outboards up to 1,200 hp, says John Caballero, marketing director. SeaVees are sold factory direct to the customer rather than through dealers, so they're built to the exact specifications of the buyer, Caballero says. The first 340 rolled out in 2001 and has been retooled numerous times with performance enhancements. The rough-water capability, ease of trailering and thoughtful fishing layout of Yellowfin’s 36 have made this model a top seller, says company owner Wylie Nagler. Yellowfin also offers the option of twin or triple outboards on this model, and provides console, leaning-post and soft- or hardtop choices for anglers to customize the 36 to their specific ­fishing needs. It has also been a water-ski boat, a snorkeling base, a yacht tender and a million other things, but the sheer number of 13 Whalers that have hit the water around the world since the model was introduced in 1958 staggers the mind. The rugged, welded-aluminum hulls were built in Norway, and soon gained a reputation as no-nonsense offshore performers that could handle serious seas and still fish hard.
The 22-2 first appeared in 1964; only a few center consoles came before it, notably those from Boston Whaler and the Chris Craft Dory. Lots of hardcore offshore guys finally found a boat that they could afford, and they liked the hybrid design: a raised bridgedeck that was not as tall as a flybridge but was taller than a conventional express design. The 25 SeaVee became an instant classic in South Florida, as many of the top guides in Miami and Key West chose this boat as their fishing platform.
Introduced in 1977, the 29 was built for 10 years and became a favorite of offshore fishermen around the world because it could be powered by low-horsepower diesels for a very efficient ride. Mann was among the first to take the interiors of his boats to an entirely new level, offering dazzling combinations of burnished wood and lush fabrics, helping transform Carolina boats from relatively Spartan fishing machines into sportfishing yachts that can rival anything turned out by other custom builders in other areas.
With only 13 of them ever built, and landing in the hands of the best crews of the day, the 37 quickly made a reputation as a fishy piece of equipment with a good look to her. Maritime Skiff was launched in 1991, and soon thereafter, it seemed like everybody in the Northeast was driving one model or another, most notably the 18.
The 25 was a standard center-console design and offered a surprisingly comfortable ride in a short chop, a ride that many people found irresistible. The 32 was built on an aggressive deep-V hull and came standard with gasoline inboards, but most of them were sold with Caterpillar 3208 diesels, an excellent combination of performance and efficiency. Indeed, Ray Hunt designed the Chris Craft’s deep-V hull, so there is some similarity there, plus the boat came with hinged engine boxes in the cockpit, like the Bertram. It’s important to remember that Wellcraft was a huge player in the fishing-boat business in the 1970s, due in large part to boats like the V20. Generations of anglers young and old have caught untold numbers of fish out of these boats, and Mako built them until quite recently, making the 17 one of the longest-running designs on the market, a testament to its inherent appeal.
His classic designs featuring the famous Carolina flair and seaworthy hulls became the boats of choice for some of the world’s top crews. One of the first boats to offer triple-outboard-power options, the big Yellowfin soon became an undisputed leader in tournament-level competition because of its high level of performance, fishing-friendly layout and high-tech construction techniques. What’s the wow factor, the cool aspect, the gotta-have-it feature that ignites the buying ­decision?
The electronic bow table and bilge access came with 2015 upgrades, and seating has been improved twice in the last three years. Built with the patented RAMCAP (Rapid Molded Core Assembly Process) construction technique, it also offers a fully retractable sliding-glass windshield and robust console, lifetime hull warranty and five-year stem-to-stern warranty, and completely finished surfaces above and below decks. Along with those annual tweaks to the 330, Grady redesigned the helm and refreshed the cabin interior for 2015. The hybrid version debuted in 2013 and added standing area ahead of the forward seating for more comfortable fishability and easy access to the anchor locker. Jupiter increased the 34’s forward cockpit length by 10 inches to allow for a larger console with a sun lounge and broader passageways.
The redesigned transom area opens a path in front of the engines and offers molded-in steps for easy boarding. Incorporating a bracket aft delivered greater running surface and allowed engineers to pull the console back for more deck space forward. The weight and construction generate a more consistent, predictable ride and a 400-mile range. As Regulator does across its model line, it added more standard equipment and options each year to the 28.
Then, they discover the speed and fuel efficiency, the Seakeeper option, the digital-control system, the performance leaning-post option and many other unique features, Lang says.

McCoy says demand for this bay boat has grown since the economic recovery began and buyers began seeking multipurpose fish boats that could fish and cruise. The model received a face-lift in 2009, at which time its floor layout changed and it acquired a larger livewell aft and additional fish boxes.
Plus, it was featured in the coolest boat ad ever, with Whaler founder Dick Fisher sitting calmly in a 13 that had been sawed in half. Striker went on to build larger aluminum boats, and for a while the company offered round-the-world welding repair to owners who damaged their boats, a truly innovative and unique service. But the AquaSport took the concept to a new level and a larger size, and the center-console craze was on. The 340 is also notable because it was one of the first sportfishing boats to come standard with a marlin tower. The 25 became known overnight as a tough and capable performer, able to fish in the roughest seas and run through serious chop. The 29 came with a large but Spartan interior, and it had a large fishing cockpit, making it a great choice as a charter boat. By today’s standards, the 37 is a small boat, but it has reached far and wide, and traveled from Newfoundland to Venezuela and all ports between on its own bottom with great success. The practical, simple rolled-edge design proved immensely popular among inshore and nearshore anglers alike, and almost overnight, the Maritime Skiff was the boat to have. It is said that either you are a cat person or you’re not, but the 25 Sea Cat made “cat people” out of a great many boat buyers who were tired of getting beaten up when they went fishing. The boat featured raised engine boxes and a huge cockpit, with a wide beam for stable operation in heavy seas. Wright and angler Stewart Campbell caught and released a record 73 giant bluefin tuna in a single day off Hatteras, North Carolina.
It came in many different forms, but all of them were capable, utilitarian boats that rode well and carried a relatively wide beam, providing excellent stability. Many different models have been offered over the years, and thousands of them still take people fishing each day.
In the 1980s and ’90s, Scarborough boats were found in every major offshore-fishing hot spot on the planet. The 36 remains one of the top-selling 36-foot center consoles on the market today due to these same attributes. Fishing options include a deluxe helm station with a 30-gallon livewell, three-drawer storage and an integrated hardtop. For 2016, the company upgraded exterior seats and added its AV2 hardtop with an integrated windshield as an option. The model has topped the popularity list since its inception because it offers so many features for such a wide variety of buyers, all in a trailerable package. The same basic, eminently practical, open-fishing design shown by that early AquaSport remains the most popular fishing-boat design on the market today: the center console.
The 25 became the platform that SeaVee used to expand its line into the modern fleet it produces to this day. The 30 was built for only three years in the mid-1970s, but it has become a favorite among those who restore older boats, and many are still fishing today. Later 41-footers featured rounded and angled transom sections, excellent at maneuvering plus agile and super-fast while backing down. The 54-foot A-Fin-Ity was one of the most notable, a top campaigner on the now-defunct BXRL tournament series. For 2016, Regulator added options such as Taco Grand Slam 380 outrigger bases with 18-foot telescoping poles, removable forward-seating backrests, and ­factory-installed Garmin or Raymarine electronics. Known for its simplicity, ruggedness and great fishability, the 41 G&S has been a top choice for hardcore crews shipping the boat to hard-to-reach destinations that often prove to have incredible action.
Boats like the Hooker, French Look, Silver-Rod-O, Spirit of Pilar and others have traveled far and wide chasing world records and big fish.

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