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Quote: the drop in the forward keelTroy, If you are using the Aeolus Boats plans read the intructions that go with them I am pretty sure there is specific mention of this, The South Bay Sneak Boat does have the dropped keel. Curt:I do not want to exacberate or contribute to whacky boat building sickness but since you mentioned one off molds I can not help myself. Originally a native of Maine, this boat has been a favorite of duck hunters for over 100 years.
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This past Canada Day I was around a camp fire ( read 6 foot high roaring inferno) with a group of guitar picking whiskey swilling lawyers and an oil field fabrication genius. The transom and decking has evolved a little over the years to provide for a small outboard or sophisticated camouflage schemes but the hull is virtually the same as the original boats. I actually ignored the aliviso design because I saw so many pictures of flat bottomed boats I got prejucice about them. If you combine radiant heat, alcohol and 3 am dawn you have a recipe for guitars quickly coming out of tune. There are many secrets to this boats success and longevity, among them are the ability to easily propel the boat with a sculling oar, row it with the addition of oar locks or mounting of a small electric or gas engine.I have seen my friends silently scull right into the middle of a flock of geese without spooking the birds.

I did the forward drop into my vee'd bottom pannels, but then I reworked them to mostly take it out and straighten it. There were many idle threats made of someone purchasing one despite the many 1000 dollar price tag.That got me thinking.
Apparently my plan reading skills are not so keen as I still cannot find dimensions for either the bow hook or the pull in the transom. I would be curious to know just how much drop should be in the forward keel from the straight line of the aft keel?CurtLots of good input there.
Also note that the author (and I assume man who saw a few of these boats afield over the years) Directs the builder to tape the seams NOT the whole boat! Yeah, I think I understand the inefficiency of a relatively flat bottomed square transomed boat. Building a curve into the bottom with 2 halves was not as difficult as you would think, especially given the slight deadrise I have chosen.
Your gonna need to be pretty slick or pretty lucky to get that drop doped with the two piece bottom.
I was not sure about the bow hook, so I originally built abut 1" of downward hook on the bow keel. The square end creates a bit of a vacuum for lack of the proper term, which wants to hold the boat back.

Unfortunately, th change that now would mean adding plywood which is probably not easy to do.
After all this ongoing conversation, I much more understand the principle behind scullboat operation. In my case, perhaps if I use a weight in the bow, I will attain the lateral tracking David suggests and will lift the stern enough to reduce vacuum. At this point, I could, but I would end having to build another transom and would lose some depth to the sides (hard to explain) without cutting new sides as well.
I'll probably give the boat to my son and build myself a proper one based on information i should have already obtained from a local person I believe to be a guru.TroyI'll work on photobucket tomorrow.
I am putting off work on it tonight and can contemplate raising the transom at the cost of significant time and modification. I've built one skin on frame kayak (modified from free plans on the net) and I really like it. I think folks underestimate the durability of a skin boat.I tried to load pics to my photobucket account last night, but was having some problems as they seemed to have changed the site a bit.

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