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Because of our ongoing commitment to product quality and innovation, we reserve the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring obligation. We have always customers calling for Sea Doo Speedster, Sea Doo Challenger, Sea Doo Speedster or Sea Doo Sportster so if you or a friend onw one of these, please call us now! With its aggressive styling, eye-catching graphics and elegant appointments, the Mercury-powered Challenger 2000 model was designed to attract a crowd, but engineered to escape it. 2000 Sea Doo Challenger 2000 jet ski sea doo 2000 jetski houston boat for sale Gulf Coast Power boat is a Stingray and Ocean Express fishing boats dealer in Houston. 2000 SEA DOO CHALLENGER 2000, 20' 2000 SEA DOO CHALLENGER 2000, WITH A 240 HP MERCURY JET DRIVE ON A 2004 SPORTSMAN GALV.
In stock we have: Baja high performance power boats, Crownline cruisers, Mariah fishing boats, American Offshore, Cigarette high performance offshore powerboats as well as Boston Whaler fishing boat.
We regularly have Four Winns, Formula, Sea Ray Bowrider, Proline walkaround center console, Hustler powerboats, Velocity, and Donzi high performance boats.
In some ways, they may be the boating equivalent of a 600cc sportbike in terms of the people who tend to buy them (not a comment on you (I shopped them for a while) but on the typical owner who has one in the driveway with a FOR SALE sign on it). They're flashy, potentially lots of fun and not really all that practical so boaters who would be given to fastidious maintenance are more likely drawn to a conventional boat with a wider range of capabilities at comparable (or less) cost. I had a 1994 or 95 (can't remember exactly) Sunbird Sizzler with a 115HP OMC Turbojet system. Full tank could last all week putting around (fishing, exploring, etc.) or it could be gone in 2 hours under 100% full throttle use.
As for fuel, yep they can burn it but look how they get driven compared to a traditional boat, lots of hard cornering, full throttle, on and off throttle. Can't speak on the newer ones but I had a seadoo with twin 85 hp 2 cylinders in it that was a blast. I think there were numbers of people who looked at the weight and thought they could trailer them behind a car or light SUV. So I found a 1994 bayliner Jazz boat must have super low hours the green is faded but the bottom looked brand new & motor was so clean you could eat off it so I went for it. Will do about 40 but water has to be SMOOOOOTH It does not like any waves over 25mph bottom is very flat & smacks hard off waves. Outgrew it with kids, then in 2002 bought a new Bayliner 175 Capri just like the one pictured here.

I should add that many of the jet boats, the Sea Doo brand in particular ride up on a very shallow plane (If I am explaining it right) and are very bumpy compared to something like a 175 or 185 Sea Ray. I am completely soured on boats, but if I got back in the market it would be a 175 Sea Ray. First thing I find out is SeaDoo recommended you not keep it in the water if it's salt or even brackish. Check out the new Yamaha four strokes, there is a 19 foot single with a single 1800cc, and the bigger boats have twins.
The thing was stone cold reliable though, nothing ever broke on the thing that wasn't my own fault.
Anticipation is at its peak when thoughts wander to long weekends and adrenaline-filled goosebumps. Gulf Coast Boating Center is an Ocean Express Powerboats, Sunsation powerboats and Advantage boat dealers. Or, once again, lead the way in innovation by adding four-stroke technology to jet drive propulsion. By combining the conveniences of a swim platform, sun pad, ice chest and CD stereo, with performance in the form of precision handling and quick acceleration, we made the Challenger 2000 boat the best of both worlds. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Our old 20' open bow with a 350 Chevy probably gets much better mileage, has tons more power, and has been 100% reliable for 15 years with nothing but oil changes.
Drive anything like that and it's a gas hog, drive it like most people drive a traditional boat, steady cruise without too much fucking around and it will be comparable.
Eventually, and quicker than you want, unless you baby it it'll break and they need $$ Maintenance. They are extremely reliable, not bad on fuel and available with a wakeboard tower if you want. The all-new Sportster 4-TECTM model takes performance to the next level with an advanced four-stroke, 155 hp Rotax® 4-TEC engine that meets 2006 EPA requirements without sacrificing power. You'll open up the tolerances around the impeller and need to replace it and or the wear ring that surrounds it. I would take on any day over a sit down PWC, just as fun to drive plus room for buddies and gear.

Boats are very similar to RVs in the fact that in many cases neither owner knows a damn thing about maintenance and care, and as a result both wind up with significant long term water intrusion and rot issues.
The 200 Speedster offers a choice of 430 hp intercooled, supercharged or 310 hp Rotax power packages that'll challenge your heart to a race.
Virtually silent at idle, a double-muffler exhaust system and rubber engine mounts reduce sound and eliminate vibration. Unlike the conventional boats in the background, my '89 Arriva has as little freeboard as the jetboats and I like it. Had a30 gallon tank that would last as little as 2 hours or all day depending on how I felt.
I frequently see seemingly unbelievable messes with rotting transoms and hull delamination recently purchased from prior owners. I'd have no interest in the older two strokes though, except that their motors are simple and relatively cheap to fix. And with precise, aggressive handling and looks that are fast even when it's standing still, we'll put our money on your heart winning that race. Like a sports car on water, its intuitive handling and responsive throttle make tight cornering almost second nature.
Top speed was only about 40 MPH but it was a riot & the rougher the water got, the more fun I had leaving many faster, larger boats in my wake.
Sharp turns at speed would drink gas and also possibly eject whoever wasn't holding on. That shiny gelcoat looks fine on the outside until the underlying rot causes a nice chunk of the hull to rip away while you're buzzing down the lake. For family grins, we included a rear swim platform with reboarding ladder, pop-up ski pylon and optional wakeboard tower.
The best recommendation I can provide is no matter what you buy, have it thoroughly checked out by someone who knows what they are looking at. Or, as your spotter surely will attest, front-row seat to the one of the most impressive displays on the water.

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