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I have been looking at this double dory catamaran model I designed and built for twenty-seven years now and lately I've been thinking about actually building it full sized. In 2008 I showed the model to Phil Bolger at the Mystic Seaport WoodenBoat Show outside the restaurant right before we all went in to the Bolger tribute dinner. In truth, I can’t take much credit for the design because basically it is just two instant boats strapped together.
Many is the night that this double dory model has successfully navigated the storm tossed covers of my bed. The garage is almost all cleaned up now and ready and most of the plywood and epoxy is just sitting there waiting.
I've spoken with Ray before about his boat and the possibility of using a birdwing mast on it. Building a boat at home requires a lot of preparation and time, but it’s not as complicated as it seems. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
Since its just two dory hulls strapped together, it should go together quickly and cheaply. What we are talking about here is only seven or eight sheets of plywood and all the connecting arms are straight solid laminations (fir). I agree she would tack better and sail better in light air with more rocker aft but I'm interested in that funky physics that multihulls exhibit where they sail faster than their hulls should allow – that slippery gray area that no one can quite explain. With the poured in foam on the inside of the bottom, a daggerboard box can be ripped apart on a hard grounding and not affect the boat's ability to float. Watertight bulkheads with access hatches will give the same effect, plus some dry stowage and all at less weight.

He didn't want to because I think it was too experimental for him to put on a already experimental boat.
If the vertical elements aren't serving some important secondary purpose, I'd be thinking about replacing them (even as cool as that whole thing looks) with something more lightweight, supporting a larger (more shade) canvas top.
I'm also hopeful that in the right conditions she will plane with one hull flying but we will see about that.
I just believe that the darn boat will outlast me even with the poured-in foam that complicates maintenance. Augustine fell through for now (went into probate) but I will wait for it to come out of probate and then purchase it but it looks like I'll have at least a couple of months or more here in Tallahassee to do nothing except build a boat. I've read with great interest much of what Ray had to say about his boat and I've even watched some of his videos of Slider sailing. I want the sunshade to be hollow and air-foil shaped and stiff enough to be well secured even in a blow.
While air chambers can be planned so that they contain flotation, a major rip could possibly release some of that flotation. With a nod towards James Wharram and the Polynesians, she could be lashed together for flexible strength. I may switch back to mahogany ply because I really like how my existing tan bark sails look with sapelle mahogany and I already have six sheets or so of sapelle laying around from the last boat I almost built. Of course with a catamaran, you'll likely to still have a perfectly good hull to float you but a hull breach could put a major dent in your day. Using the sail rig from another boat (I think I have a birdwing mast laying around somewhere) and local marine fir, I should be able to build the basic boat for about $2000 – thus the name Down and Dirty Double Dory. It will be basic dory construction with fir chine logs with epoxy, lots of ringed bronze boat nails and some bronze screws.

As I said before, I have sentimental reasons and curiosity about building it exactly as Mr.
Quarter inch thick plywood is not that difficult to puncture or rip open when there's just air on the other side of it.
I also have this crazy idea that my life is more important than the life of a cheap plywood boat so I'm inclined to pour enough foam into the design to make her unsinkable and self-bailing.
Also I have the idea to build it exactly like the model because that's what Bolger said he liked and I want to find out how she would perform as designed. With my little 4HP four-stroke running, it would also be interesting to see how well it would motorsail.
Can't let her heel too much with the motor running because it's a fourstroke and you don't want to starve the valves of oil but sailed flat with a motor assist would probably yield some efficient numbers for gasoline mileage.
It may motorsail better than it sails, it may not tack well, it may not be able to carry much but it will build quickly and I'll have fun adapting Xena's sails to it.
There's also the fact that the foam would be structural to the boat adding stiffness throughout its length and a major rip or puncture to the hull will have very little effect on the performance of the boat.
As someone who can't resist a good experiment, I should probably build one hull with air chambers, storage and inspection ports and pour some foam in the other. Anyone know how much heel angle a little 4HP four-stroke can take and still operate correctly (getting oil to the valve train)? Plus it will be one heck of a stable platform to fish from and darn efficient at trolling speed.

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