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When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: Ontario tja - Pictures have been emailed I have forwarded pictures of the finished utility and ski boat product to your email.
Location: Ontario We're looking to move these molds by the end of the month.
Believe it or not this is a white boat!  Jay Brenner had us wrap this in solid black wrap media.  The boat looks brand new!  Give your boat a major facelift with a wrap or graphics from Precision Sign and Design! This entry was posted in Boat Wrap, Company News, Uncategorized on July 24, 2011 by psd_dev. Location: Thailand requirement Seating maximum 11 Persons on boat and front seating.
Location: Cathlamet, WA If you want to build only one boat, wood is probably the most economical. Location: Prince George,Canada I like the bolaro because you can get the HP you need for water sports.
Location: Cathlamet, WA Looking over the GlenL designs, I would suggest either the SkiBass or the Renegade.

You probably know more about water boarding wakes than I do, but for skiing you want a pretty flat wake, which I would not expect Bolero would give you. Most of the good wakeboard boat designs actually begin life as inboard competition waterski boats. Location: Grenada I'm just curious what type of wake the deep-V hull form is likely to create that is not ideal for watersports? Originally Posted by marshmat All the Glen-L designs mentioned so far except the Ski-Bass share one feature in common that is not ideal for a towboat: they all have a fairly sharp, deep-V hullform.
Location: Cathlamet, WA Glen-L classifies the Renegade as a ski boat, and I doubt if they would if it did not have a rather decent wake for it. Gullwing hulls can work for skiing, but some make a very confused, multi-part wake that's a bit disorienting for the skier.
Location: Cathlamet, WA I was wrong about the Glen-L Renegade being a gull wing bottom. 08:32 AM  Anyone with CAD or boat design software interested in helping me on a boat design?!
Right from the start I found that the Skeg is not the correct angle to suit the bottom of the boat.

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Cut the squeezed out excess with a stanley knife whilst still green ,then flocoat the surface to waterproof it. With the Bolaro you can find a 383 small block stroked pushing 400hp threw a V drive and you will have a great wake board boat.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The current Skeg is 12 deg and I have had trouble finding any information regard 13 Deg Skegs.
If the Bolaro doesnt have plans for a bow rider its not hard to figure out how to incorperate that your self. Has anyone got any ideas how I can pack under the Skeg to suit the boat, it requires about 6 mm of packing at one end and none at the other.

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