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As a plywood version of the Guillemot this stitch and glue design performs much like the strip version.
These plans have the plywood panels drawn out full size over 10 pages that you will have to tape together. Free Stitch And Glue Boat Plans Plywood boat building House-stitch and glue or Ply on frame construction?
Free Stitch And Glue Boat Plans You should still be able to reduce the offset relatively accurate but almost every little thing can be done with easy power tools.
I do sell full size drawings of the plywood panels for those who do not feel like dealing with lofting out the offsets available on this website.

These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a strip-built sea kayak. Related DIY articles This plan needs strong lumber plywood and fiberglass as basic materials to build the boat.
This was one of my first stitch and glue designs and as such I decided to make the design available for free. When the parts are made from lumber and plywood as per program only requires pasting strongly with glue and retaining their business with each other with marine grade bolts Free Stitch And Glue Boat Plans. The hull is more upside down and its joints are made on the outside of the hull Free Stitch And Glue Boat Plans.

The best part about a useful program boat is that it will always avoid the need for any sophisticated or expensive specialty tool.

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