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Don't miss the Youth Fishing Derby at Lincoln Park in Los Angeles, CA on April 30th, 2016. Our Rainmaster® style doors give your truck body a weather-tight seal that can't be beat!
Notice the rugged rain-gutter design surrounds the box opening and actually channels water away before it makes contact with the Trim-lok™ automotive style weather stripping.
Used to build our line of PAVATI™ pro-series boats, marine grade aluminum is also used to make these truck bodies the toughest and lightest bodies you will find. Light Weight Saves Fuel - Saves Wear and Tear on your Vehicle.Give you more payload capacity .
Reason #9 Field-Tested Locks - The same rugged locks and hinges our legendary semi truck tool boxes are know for.
One of the most over-looked and under-estimated parts of a truck body is the hinge and the way it's fastened.
As you can see, Highway Products eliminated this problem by using oversized stainless steel hinges. Plus, Highway Products uses Stainless Steel Torx™ screws that allows user to replace a door with simple tools in case of damage. If you've ever had custom made cabinets in your kitchen at home, you know how nice it is to have the drawers the right size, in the right place, shelves spaced to hold your dishes where you want them, knives and forks at your fingertips, and you get to choose the wood, the drawer slides, colors, handles, etc.
Think about this for a minute: The tools you use the most should be at waist level for the easiest access, right?
Reason #19 - This customer couldn't find the truck body he wanted so we built one just for him to his specs. Reason #20 This all aluminum truck body was set up for garage door service and installation.
Reason #22 This service body has a full tailgate that when opened, makes for a nice table for lay-out plans. Reason #27 Finding a spot to put your spare tire is sometimes a problem with service bodies. Reason #28 Headache racks strong enough to carry as many caution lights, flags, or overload signs as you want.

Reason #30  After hours Sales Staff - We recognize that not all of our customers are able to talk business from 9-5. Plus, we do it 7 days a week with after hours Sales Staff waiting to talk about your service body.
As you may have noticed, we're big on drawers because they allow you to take advantage of more space and give you more organization. This all aluminum Highway Products service body came powder-coated and was equipped with our lumber rack and a 2000XT Roller Coaster™. Highway Products builds units to make you proud of what you do while giving you top notch equipment to work with.
We carried over the Heavy Gauge® toughness of our Semi Truck tool boxes and accessories roots as a foundation for all our products.
In this last review of the four part series on the Honda EU series, we are going to delve into the various accessories available for Honda EU Series Generators. With a parallel kit, you can connect two generators when you need additional power and disconnect them when you do not. Another option would be to purchase the EU2000i Companion which is made to run parallel to another EU2000i.
With these accessories, Honda enables you to turn your generator into what you want and need.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Buchalla Small Engine, EU Series, Honda Generator. Depending on your truck, we figure, conservatively, you will save at least .20 cents a mile being 600 to 1000 pounds lighter with a Highway Products aluminum service body. Because you had a choice, your kitchen is the most efficient and maybe the nicest part of your home. Comes in 2000# or an incredible 4000# capacity for super duty, and has locking positions every 10 inches for safety. The outside frame is a one-piece extruded aluminum T6 channel that may also save your life in a roll-over. Our engineering staff put his ideas on our CAD software and sent them back to him via FAX, .pdf, or paper, for his approval.

You can add drawers later but once you get your truck, you're so busy working you'll just put it off. Accessories allow you to personalize your EU generator while giving it additional capabilities than the standard EU. This way you do not have to go out and purchase a bigger generator that would be less portable. It is a cart with wheels that provides better movement for your generator, as well as a strap to hold the generator to the cart to prevent it from falling off.
Whatever you need from your generator that doesn’t already come standard, Honda offers accessories for that. An all aluminum sliding cargo tray keeps the weight down with a galvanized cold rolled steel track system for durability.
Most of the time, you'll get a preliminary print the next day to see on paper what you'll get. With this kit, you can connect two identical units to give you up to two times the output than your single generator currently emits. Then you can figure the cost difference between the two in fuel mileage, tire cost, and tire mileage. Our service bodies are welded Aluminum which is hands down tougher and 20-30% lighter than fiberglass! It can be used to connect two of each of the following models together: EU1000i, EU2000i, EU3000i Handi, or EU3000is. We made a few more design changes, he signs off on the print, we start to work with a plan. Composite (fiberglass) manufacturers brag about their light weight, but compare themselves with steel service bodies.

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