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Giant-scale model cars (and airplanes) powered by small gasoline engines have been popular with adult racers for quite a few years now.
A quarter-scale gasoline-powered car is about 1.2 m (4 feet) in length, weighs around 50 kg (110 lbs), and can top out at over 160 kph (100 mph). Why then is the racing community reacting with crackling excitement over the Conley Stinger 609, a new quarter-scale V8 with supercharging, 100 cc (6.09 cu. If you are going to spend a significant portion of a year's salary on a scale model car, expecting to own a true scale model isn't unreasonable. To some extent, the changes required to make a scale model look and perform in a properly scaled manner can be accomplished by changing the materials of which the model is constructed.
But a powered scale model of a car isn't just one with the right appearance, or even if properly scale performance is produced. Of course, a scale-model engine also encounters difficulties associated with simple scaling.
The Conley Stinger 609 V-8 has an electric starter and a centrifugal clutch as standard equipment, and is available with or without the supercharger. Giant-scale model car racing is a high-tech sport which can be approached without having to put a new mortgage on the house. A boat water heater can usually be retro-fitted without too much difficulty, as long as your boat has a freshwater cooled engine. Electric immersion heaters, much like the larger versions we're accustomed to at home, require AC power, so unless you've got a generator aboard their use is restricted to when you're alongside and hooked-up to an onshore supply. The largest scale models available through conventional RC hobby outlets are one-fifth or one-sixth scale, but the serious racers go quarter-scale.
The engines for such large models are usually two-cycle engines not dissimilar from the engines that power weedwackers and leaf blowers, typically beginning at about 33 cc (2.0 cu. For example, using strict scaling the loading on the tires on the pavement is considerably smaller for the scale model than for the original car. A great deal of the enjoyment of racing is the sound of the car, and especially of the engine.

A particular problem comes from lubrication – it is very hard to adequately lubricate the cylinder and piston walls to survive running at 10,000 rpm. The list price of the Stinger 609 in its naturally aspirated form is US$5695, although lower prices are available from some suppliers. It also doesn't require "hold harmless" clauses in life insurance policies against accidents during races. A manually pumped system, laudable though it is, just won't do - but it's usually a straight forward affair to convert it to a pressurised system.
Most water pressure pumps maintain steady pressure by cycling on an off, producing a pulsed delivery. Now the smallest (quarter-scale) blown V8 gasoline engine in commercial production is being turned out by Conley Precision Engines to power. This makes for poorer handling and performance, as the power of the engine will cause the tires to break free, wasting power and losing traction in curves.
Nothing else in the world quite sounds like a big block V8 turning over, then running up through the power curve. This problem was eventually solved with the help of manufacturing engineers from Sunnen Products Co., a leader in precision honing who worked with Conley to make the engine's cylinder liners. The supercharger allows the engine to produce about 60 percent more power for an additional cost of US$1700. On a boat thus equipped, you can get that rare commodity; something for nothing - and you should take advantage of it.
The accumulator tank, containing water and air - usually but not always separated by a diaphragm - absorbs this pulsation and provides steady flow. It may be possible to save the performance and the appearance of the model, for example, by substituting a rubber for the tires that either has proportionally larger contact areas (a more compliant material) or a stickier rubber, or both.
The rumble at low speeds is hypnotic, while the special screaming wail at high rpms adds greatly to the excitement of the race. It proved necessary to deeply hone a cross-hatched pattern in the cylinder liners, and then to plateau hone the liners to remove any lips and edges protruding from the first set of patterns.

Any boat that uses its engine fairly regularly produces hot water as a by-product of the combustion process, and it's free. Some pump manufacturers now produce microprocessor-controlled variable-speed pumps which eliminate cycling and make the accumulator tank redundant. Here's a much better approach to finding exactly what you want and getting the best possible deal!
Such substitutions may allow a scale model to perform properly while keeping its scale appearance. In short, serious quarter-scale racers want their models to sound right, and this largely drives the demand for the Conley 609. The cylinder liners then had sufficient excess oil capacity to adjust to the movements of the piston, and were smooth enough to significantly reduce the effects of those movements by maintaining closer tolerances between the pistons and the cylinder liners.
Once you've shelled out for the equipment that is - which in this case is a boat water heater known as a marine calorifier. The mixer valve operates thermostatically, introducing a metered amount of cold water into the outlet flow, thus maintaining regulated temperature and conserving hot water. The production models can be run for long periods at high rpm without excessive heating or wear. This device is effectively an insulated heat exchanger, which plumbed into the engine cooling water system will transfer heat from the engine into the domestic water supply.
The pipework from the engine should be as short as possible to minimise heat loss, and should be installed lower than the level of the engines header tank. Calorifiers are well insulated and will continue to provide warm water for an hour or two after the engine has been turned off, but if you haven't run the engine for a much longer period, turning on the hot tap won't produce the desired result.

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