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I hop on my motorbike, speeding down the dusty road past the cemetery, orphanage and Buddhist temple on my left, and follow the estuary on my right to the provincial capitol of Phan Thiet.
Temple Near My Home: This Chinese temple was recently built outside of Phan Thiet, next to an orphanage. Phan Thiet Water Tower: This symbol of Phan Thiet was designed by Prince Suphanouvong of Laos.
Cham Towers: The ruins of three Cham Towers overlook Phan Thiet, dating from the 8th century. I sit on the back porch, overlooking the moonlit river as it winds through the rice patties and small villages in the valley. While renting or even buying your own house (currently sold on 50-year leases to foreigners) may sound romantic, in most cases it is easier to stay in a guesthouse. allows unlimited copying, distributing and displaying of the images of public domain artworks solely.
I didn’t bother with this before, but I found venomous centipedes and mice in my bedding earlier this week. Breakfast is bun bo xao (sweet and sour marinated beef on rice noodles with mint and pickled vegetables) on Tuyen Quang Street for 50 cents. The Cham are descendants of a Hindu, matriarchal empire that once controlled this part of Vietnam. A few foreigners live and work here, either as managers for foreign-owned restaurants and resorts, or as kiteboarding instructors.

I’m not dependant upon the tourism industry like the other foreigners, and it perplexes everyone around me.
I say goodnight to my friends and make a lap over the bridge, through the empty market, along the harbor, and then back through town. In Phan Thiet, banh xeo (seafood pancakes), pho bo (rice noodle soup with beef), home-style by-the-plate dishes with rice, and the previous mentioned dishes are all common.
Images of that type of artworks are prohibited for copying, printing, or any kind of reproducing and communicating to public since these activities may be considered copyright infringement.
We only authorise non-commercial Photo use and particularly encourage their use for educational purposes.
It’s too hot to work comfortably in the afternoon when the sun reflects blindingly off the sea and the surrounding dunes.
The constant wind and extremely low rainfall here are optimum conditions for the sport, making Mui Ne the kiteboarding capitol of Vietnam. Nonconformity makes people uneasy, and it can occasionally lead to innocent yet lengthy question and answer sessions with authorities.
Ladies manning carts stacked with pungent durian, melons, dragon fruit, delicate persimmons, aromatic jackfruit, aloe, mango, and other bountiful produce, mix them in giant blenders or chop them into salads topped with hot coconut syrup, tapioca cubes, peanuts, and shredded, candied papaya. If you live in a house, you might have to register your passport with the police yourself on a regular basis, which can be a big hassle, especially if few foreigners live in your area. Lunch is often a problem for me because I have a typical country-style kitchen at home, which means no refrigeration, running water, or modern stove.

I’m a regular here and their other place across town, so the older ladies that own both places tease and mother me relentlessly. I can’t go anywhere alone without being recognized and swarmed by inquisitive locals.
I drive through the center of town, heading East to Mui Ne, a beach resort strip nestled among immense red and gold sand dunes. I haven’t learned how to cook in a traditional clay oven with coals, so I depend largely on street food for meals.
I go there each day to work at Coco Café, which has the fastest internet (ADSL) in the entire province.
If I’m lucky, I manage to scrounge some fruit at one of the roadside stands for lunch, before they close. Rainy season is still a couple of months away so I must compete with the neighbors to draw water from the shared well before they use it all up on their crops each morning.

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