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Konrad advised the new jet is being built because customers have approached Scott Waterjet to fill the gap between jetski size jets and the 8.5 inch industry standard jet. The jets powering jetskis and personal watercraft are not rugged or durable enough for extreme jet boating.
The new jet model SWJ-602 is a 6" two stage jet modelled on our very successful two stage sprint and recreational jets. We believe this is a real advance in jet propulsion, as with its lightweight and small footprint in the boat it will be ideally suited to all types of smaller boats. Scott Waterjet are confident, with the tightening EPA regulations in the USA, that there will be growing demand, particularly in rescue and recovery, shallow river boating and small recreational boats - for the new 6 inch jet.

While this jet is still in development we would welcome feedback and input from boat builders, rescue agencies, and prospective boat owners on technical requirements.
In particular customers wanted smaller, aggressive jetboats to access river systems that normally require physically man-handling boats across, or around unboatable sections, or are simply too tight for regular jetboats.
Braided or extreme rivers need jets that can maintain high thrust, while running with sticks and stones in the intake grate. It features a tough cast aluminum intake, one piece stator, high tensile impellors, full reverse and the Scott trim nozzle system. The availability of high revving, light weight engines has now made the development of this jet practical.

Importantly the low upfront cost of the jet, and very low operating cost will make it a very attractive alternative for smaller boats.

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