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I think you can just get the Acorn 11-9 out of your 3 sheets (I'm building the Acorn 13 now).
Back to Dinghies up to 13' Main Page We have 7 designs so far of varying type and style. 7'6" REDSHANK The Redshank is a beautiful traditional English stem dinghy. As above, don't let the transport limitations make your boating experience more expensive and less fun -- build a boat of the proper size and figure out transport after that. I do a fair bit of rowing with the TSCA and you will rarely see anyone rowing a boat under 10' long. Designed with maximum cockpit size, both in length and width, and intended for day fishing trips in coastal BC. Number and Type of Drawings: Sail Plan, Spar Plan, Lines and Offsets, Dimensioned Bulkhead drawings, General Construction, Construction Details, Arrangement and Deck Plan, Centerboard and Rudder, Ballast Plan, Pram lines and construction. Three sheets of drawings; large scale lines and offsets, construction plan with full size section. Tern is a lengthened (to 23'9') version of Ratty, but built in a very different configuration and using bolted lapstrake plywood rather than epoxy bonds. Tern was designed for a group of young people to build and then sail or row roughly 2000 miles to Alaska and back. The photos (except for Tern at anchor) were taken by Cameron Eckhert (Classic Boat, July 2007) during Shipyard Raid 2006.
So, I'm trying to figure out how best to build the transom for a 16' solid wood lapstrake jersey skiff.

My plan A was to have the sternpost as a sort of center frame, then have a short frame on each side of the upper transom for the plank fastenings to go into where the screws would otherwise be running parallel to the grain. I'd think that nails would be even worse than screws--at least screws have threads digging into the wood, whereas even ring nails just have shallow barbs.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. None of these boats - including the Welsford pair and the Humble Bee - will likely disappoint you. Dinghies this small are for tenders for larger boats where the tender has to be kept to an absolute minimum size.
Licence conditions: You are free to use these plans to build an Exploration Ketch for your own use or to sell.
The planking is screwed to yellow cedar frames and her interior is completely open in the traditional manner. Their story (also WoodenBoat #195) of their 3-month long voyage from Lopez Island to Revillagigedo Island and back again includes tribute to Tern, who kept them safe and got them home through many adventures. I used a glued transom, with splines for alignment between boards, for my 18' glued lap boat.
I am not interested in flying along, though I would like to be able to go to windward fairly well. I have 3 sheets of 6mm okume that is left over from another order of ply that I got and would prefer to use these. Full-size mould shapes are given so that she may be made by the purist using traditional clinker method or the modern clinker ply or strip plank construction methods.

If the dinghy is to be conceived of as a boat to be used in its own right then go a couple or three feet longer for it to be very useful.
A modern boat of traditional appearance with her lapstrake plywood topsides and wooden windshield frame. Commissioned by a Victoria BC client to be built by Nomad Boatbuilding, Victoria, BC.
Another major difference (PDF, WoodenBoat #175) from Ratty is the change to a foil shaped wooden centerboard rather than Ratty's flat steel plate. The wood is Brazillian Cherry (Jatoba); very hard and difficult to work with, but very strong and very beautiful.
As a student I mainly want something that I can get out for just a part of the afternoon in and escape the stress of campus. However, she was originally designed to be made using stitch and tape methods and the plank shapes are given for this. I'd look for a design that's narrow enough to fit in the back of the truck but you'll get a lot more use out of it if you name it 'Long Load' and hang a red flag off the three or four feet that stick out the back of the tail gate.
I have heard great things about the nutshell prams and great things about Ian's designs in general, I guess at this point I am just trying to wade through my options and was wondering well you guys thought these boats fit my criteria and which one fits them the best. She takes 2 sheets of 6mm ply and around half a sheet of 9mm ply for the rowing version with an additional sheet of 6mm and half a sheet of 9mm required for the sailing version.

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