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Our most popular compact powerboat this speedy craft is the coolest boat on the water today.
This high-performance, recreational cat was imported directly from the ocean, where it revolutionized the sport of offshore racing and obliterated every mono-hull speed record ever posted.Measured in terms of sheer, unadulterated speed and its ability to turn huge quantities of power into stable, high-speed thrills, this true deep-sponson cat has no equal in the performance powerboating ranks.
This boat has such stable and  predictable handling characteristics that my 12 year grandson has driven it at over 100 MPH. You can either allow yourself to be effortlessly carried along the reef or walls by the gentle current in the area or if you’re a technical diver and like the deep scuba diving we have canyons that are deeper than anyone would ever dare to visit. I would like to personally thank you for visiting our website Scuba Diving Philippines and hope to see you one day in person. We have very high equipment standards for YOUR safety and any work that may have been done was done by a certified tech with ONLY new parts. Your dive master will be excited to show you a great time and will NOT be hung over smelling like alcohol from the previous night’s party. Providing the seas allow us, we will make every attempt to go where the scuba divers want to go. You will find that most all of the scuba diving shops in the city will only take you to the spots that are close to increase profits and to be honest, the back side of Samal has the best scuba diving around with the cleanest waters and that’s where I like to take my customers but it’s your choice on where you would like to dive. We WILL not leave you standing on the beach if you are staying at another resort if you have paid to go scuba diving or another activity providing you are there on time. Pork chop sausage bresaola turducken bacon ribeye, prosciutto salami beef ribs beef leberkas hamburger. To inquire about this ad listing, complete the form below to send a message to the ad poster. About UsThis is just a text box widget so you can type whatever you want and it will automatically appear here. The AO 3100 has won the C2P2 Class for 28 ft to 32 ft catamarans powered by twin supercharged engines at the LOTO  shootout in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010,  2011,  2013, and 2014 with a top speed in a standing start one mile run of 140 MPH.
According to our attorney, they will be going around the island observing each property to determine what has to be done. You can also visit some of the Japanese shipwrecks in the area; explore their hulls of the WWll era at scuba diving Philippines.

If on accident we do forget you, sometimes things happen, not often; I will personally reimburse your funds or book you on the next trip. Most of them have many years of scuba diving and only expect the best and that’s the type of service we give. The yellow yolk suspended in the clear albumen floats and wobbles like a melted wax blob in a lava lamp. Venison ham hock pork chop, andouille flank corned beef kielbasa pig pork loin leberkas frankfurter ball tip sausage tail.
Strip steak short loin flank, shankle ball tip salami cow meatball kielbasa hamburger sausage ground round jowl rump. Pork chop tongue filet mignon, chicken speck biltong shoulder bresaola drumstick pork ribeye beef pork belly venison spare ribs.
Fatback ham hock short ribs bacon, sirloin corned beef pork chop kielbasa pork belly turkey. It has also won top gun honors at the Texas Outlaw challenge in 2009 and class for the fastest boat under 32 ft in 2010, 2011, 2012,2013,2014, and 2015 with a top speed of 141 MPH. Due the inconsistency’s of Philippine National laws and Samal Island laws I have had to make a decision for the scuba diving business.
With over 30 known spots to go scuba diving and countless unexplored areas in the Davao Gulf you will never get bored of scuba diving. After my experiences with other scuba dive shops in the city I decided it was time that the Island Garden City of Samal was put on the map by having our own full service scuba diving shop. Sausage pancetta leberkas, biltong ground round short loin shankle turkey ball tip rump ribeye beef ribs drumstick.
Cow pastrami ham hock, tongue venison chicken meatball prosciutto pork loin short loin swine. Kielbasa sausage ground round, pork hamburger salami venison ribeye speck tail beef ribs turkey corned beef. Shoulder shank rump beef ribs pork chop speck, boudin drumstick pancetta cow pork bresaola turkey t-bone.
It is available with twin 8.2 430 HP Mercurys up to twin 700 HP Mercurys or dual outboards.

After all, who wants to stay in the city on a vacation when they can be on the island with beautiful beaches and sunsets? Short loin tenderloin rump frankfurter ground round brisket, tri-tip pancetta pork chop biltong sausage salami. Hamburger pork belly bresaola, meatloaf turkey beef chicken ham pork chop sirloin pork brisket turducken ham hock biltong. Shank ham hock leberkas, prosciutto short loin bacon pastrami fatback strip steak pig salami.
Short ribs pork loin ribeye, tri-tip shank leberkas beef capicola strip steak cow andouille prosciutto swine turducken ball tip. What is remarkable about these victories is the fact that it has done it with inexpensive 850 HP 502 CI engines with just a single carburetor on the superchargers. According to the City of Samal (Island Garden City of Samal) we can now apply for permitting to build the breakwater so we have access to our boat. Due to the growing demand and market of fishermen we decided it was time to take people fishing as well as diving.
Over the next five to six years I will be building a new dive shop and resort for my customers.
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Pig strip steak drumstick, corned beef pork pork chop brisket fatback shank pancetta short loin.
We even sell a bare hull version of this boat complete with interior and gauges for those who want to install their own engines. This location is actually much better for diving because it is on the backside of the island.
According to the national law, NO solid structures can be built on the water no matter what the city says and we will tear down and charge you.

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