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Both unique and practical, this stainless steel gravy boats instantly adds elegance and sophistication to any dining setting.
Make everyday feel like a holiday in your restaurant by fixing up your dinner table with this gorgeous 16 oz. Save your keys from sinking to the bottom of the ocean with this fun and novel mini life jacket key ring. Originally Posted by gattward I have ha experience in making a product for use in sea water that was submerging all the time.
When I got it the wood had pretty much left the scene so it was in about the same shape as yours. Attaching some pics to help you out, including the a snap from a sears catalog that contained a 1955 model.
So, to answer the orignial question, yeah, it's pretty much possible to make a stainless steel boat, but apparently you better have a plan for who's gonna be driving it in 60 years.

This discussion, is educational as to what wiser mariners can offer as wisdom to benefit us all, as I am now also following this BASIC yet Important Decision, of what materials should we employ for our preferred hull and superstructure plus interiors of our boat, yacht or ship.!?
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Mercury features a 60-year old tradition in knife manufacturing, being one of the first cutleries to be founded in Maniago. Mercury is aware of the quality of its products and assures its Customers the substitution of the defective product with a new one or with an equivalent product. On the stainless steel handle you can find a nut turner on one side and a spanner (for 13, 10, 8, 7 mm.
The stainless steel Pollino grill by Bianchi is a compact boat barbecue grill designed for good times with family and friends on your boat. Submitting your information for this feature will not add your email address to our email list, and your email will not be sold or shared.

Built exclusively from AISI 316 stainless steel, Pollino will withstand the toughest sea conditions while offering the largest grilling area in its class. Weighs 10kg and offers optional handrail mounting, stainless steel tray and full canvas cover. A metal gadroon base is paired with sturdy stainless steel to create a traditional piece of dinnerware that will instantly add a fine touch.
This boat barbecue grill has stainless steel grilling surface, powerful U-shaped 6 kW gas burner, pilotless electronic ignitor, gas regulator and adaptor, and cover.

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