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After intense research and development over the last year, including hydrodynamic studies and diligent testing of our Pro Team, our Falcon flatwater line evolved into the Strike. A deep cutting bow flawlessly separates both glassy and choppy waters, whilst the rounded bottom into V releases the tail so it can glide unhindered across the surface. The new nose section is key for the high average and top speeds that are easily maintained with the Strike. As a consequence, we were able to reduce the rocker curve to a minimum, which resulted in a maximized waterline for super consistent glide, a winning factor from start to finish. Less sensitivity to wind and chop are additional improvements to further extend your lead when conditions get rough. Our high tech Carbon Technology and a specially designed RTM Race Fin underline our relentless pursuit of perfection in SUP racing design.
Top quality, high spec Biax Carbon has an impeccable weight to stiffness ratio, including a fantastic dynamic flex as result of its very fine weave. Smooth surfing is the perfect description for this year’s AllWave range that comes in seven sizes – 7’11”, 8’3”, 8’5”, 8’11”, 9’1”, 9’5”, 9’10”.
With exciting yet predictable attributes, 2015 sees three fresh new shapes, 7’11”, 8’3” & 8’5” being added to the range. As the sharp bow cuts efficiently through the water, the pulled-up profile prevents nose diving and the extra volume in the rails ensures you a dry and stable ride. A SUP that fuses stability with performance, the Ray will take you anywhere effortlessly under paddle. Since the beginning of the year 2014 we started experimenting with the concept of shorter, more parallel outlines with super wide nose and tail sections.
Innegra Carbon Sandwich is a new, strong and super light layup perfectly suited to all our ProWave LTD, Stubby LTD and AllWave LTD models. Whether you’re going for those radical hacks in sloppy beach breaks, shredding fast and powerful reef breaks, or charging the massive Shipsterns Bluff, we’re sure there’s a ride for you in our ProWave line. The ProWave line has evolved over the last couple of years into one of the widest ranges we offer, and underlines the needs of our international Team Riders who are pushing the boundaries of powerful performance surfing. Balanced and easy to paddle, they remain radical once unleashed onto a wave offering a responsive ride with quick acceleration and great speeds. An increased nose width and evenly distributed volume flow gives the ProWave superb paddling efficiency, handling mushy day’s with ease. The 9’10” Semi Gun is a stretched out and narrower version of the ProWave, designed for charging big waves with speed and control. The ProWave comes with five boxes to give choice for either the Quad or Thruster Fin setup, for flexibility to adapt the board to your style of riding or suit the conditions on the day.

High Resistance Composite Technology, is a lightweight and durable construction for everyday use.
The Naish Hokua X32 LEs are extremely accessible carbon, light weight wave designs for riders who want the wave turning performance and acceleration of a Hokua blended with the stability and wave catching ease of the Mana. The bottom shape has a single-concave nose, a slight V in the center section and an accelerated V in the tail for looser rail-to-rail performance and acceleration in low to moderate wave speeds.
A line that consists of two highly tuned 14’0” feet carbon hulls in widths of 24” and 26.75”. The flaps on either side keep the nose up and the waterline clean and uninterrupted with each stroke. The new bow design prevents water coming onboard, as a result we were able to reduce the curve of the deck. Used for all Falcon 12’6” and 14’0” models as well as the Strike, maximum stiffness, along with a new matt finish optic, results in maximum weight savings. The thinner board and lower volume of these three sizes are supported outstandingly by the shorter, wider compact outline making for a responsive and effortless ride.
Softening the deck edge of the rail by pulling it flush into the top of the board, has given an all-round smoother appearance and is ultimately more user-friendly.
For freedom of adventure cruising, net-fixing inserts are attached for carrying any equipment.
Newcomers and advanced paddlers alike will revel in this stylish looking cruiser on lakes or on the sea.
Inspired by modern surfing concepts with a compact outline and more parallel rails, the Stubby combines stability and ease of use with speed and radical responsiveness. The single into double concave bottom, surfy rocker line and biting rail shape allows for deep gouging carves, whilst the squash tail enhances tight arcs in the pocket. As you charge down the line its flow is unprecedented, providing you with confidence and comfort even on the biggest days.
Its famous reputation remains as the first SUP to conquer the monster Shipstern’s Bluff, Tasmania!
Strategic use of glass reinforcements ensures adequate stiffness, while a thick, strong outer skin gives the board’s hull phenomenal strength, plus extra ding and impact resistance.
At 32 inches wide, the Hokua X32 models are amazingly easy to ride while ripping small to medium waves to shreds. The amplified outline curve and rocker make them perfect for close interval waves, beach breaks, and for getting the absolute most out of less powerful waves.
The stretched outline, stabilising square tail and generous nose width, maximise the waterline.

And … if that’s still not enough for you, a mastfoot insert for optional Windsurfing is available, thereby adding more fun to your time on the water. Light and robust RTM technology, developed by our Australian R&D crew in cooperation with Choco Fins. The wide nose enables a longer and cleaner rail line, which gives loads of hold on the wave face and through the turns even though the board is quite short. Used on the ProWave HRS, AllWave HRS, Fly HRS as well as the Ripper (here with a kids-friendly Softdeck). Combined with a modified base and thinner rails, optimum grip and carving ability is ensured.The larger 8’11”, 9’1”, 9’5”, 9’10” sizes have a ›wider around the centre‹ outline. Taking inspiration from our Race Series, the smooth curves from the tail and nose rocker release water fluidly leaving your paddle stroke uninterrupted. This, combined with a more pulled-in nose and squash tail offers plenty more stability, adding performance with less swing weight. Fresh new graphics in two technologies (Wood Edition and Pure) make the Ray the perfect cruiser! The double diamond tail – which we reduced over time to a functional width – provides the grip to dig deep in tight carves and hacks into the pocket. Whatever fuels your fire, these boards offer friendly accessibility whilst maintaining excellent manoeuvrability on the wave. A surfy rocker line offers all the fast reactions and flow you’d expect from a high performance wave toy. A true surfing scoop rocker line and added nose kick finishes off the AllWave’s top performance. The wide nose and tail enables the rider to select a slightly smaller board in terms of length and volume (as an example, the Stubby 8’2? is comparable to an 8’9? ProWave). For windsurfing, the mastbase insert makes for straightforward attachment of a sail, adding to the fun and versatility.The concept of the AllWave enables across the board performance for all SUP riders, performing remarkably well in all conditions.
Whether you’re looking to catch your first wave or advance into larger surf, through its balanced shape, this range is undoubtedly the ultimate tool for enjoyment, ease and progression.

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