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In this class we're learning the skills required for traditional lapstrake (clinker) boatbuilding. Linseed oil is applied immediately to the red cedar plank to prevent checking in the dry air.
Some folks appreciate the subtle interplay of complex flavors of a robust Burgundy coupled with a nicely ripened camembert or an Epoisses de Bourgogne. So the children in Africa with an empty stomach should forgo Cheetos and Big Macs when that is whats avaliable when they are hungry? I ask once again why is it that the first or so reply that is posted on traditional boat threads of many newcomers on this very site is to seek out a qualified marine surveyor to see if the boat is worth anything and worth the added effort both in time and money to resurrect them from the dead? How many plywood boats can also be built using updated methods and materials that would compare to the costs associated with numerous of boats of the traditional stripes thats of the same era since plywood boats have also been built? A hunger pain and a thirst is what exists by many people that purchase the magazine and to be out on the water is also what the Wooden Boat Magazine attempts to accomplish and to promote and this forum is an extention of that magazine. But I must confess in the area of boat porn that I am bi-sexual and even transgender too which I thought was and in these days you know. We would never read or hear about making sure a professional surveyor should be consulted before making a purchase of the only boat that anyone should own, a solid wooden hull with cracking seams and cotton hanging from the joints and a full cost analysis of how much it will cost to make the purist's delight seaworthy for the family which usually scares off the newcomer to the pluses of being on the water messing about in boats. Epoxy and plywood rules and many folks drool from the docks as a lot of folks launch their pieces of junk, while many armchair boat professionals sit in front of the computer screens of boat forums scorning many people that are also out on the water each weekend too that wonder into this place. A battery driven Timex and a mechanical escapement Rolex, both keep time perfectly well and may even look much the same on your wrist. I don't think I have ever made any claim remotely close to the idea that one is actually better especially when it comes to plywood hulls. We do not have water access and the population has also branched out to smaller hulls traveling and boating in remote areas.
This along with many other occasions when discussions have come up with sprit rigs have provided plenty of the narrow point of view.

The many problems with the sprit rig are thrown into even sharper relief compared to the modern Balance Lug which is more handy and easier to set up, strike or reef underway, self-vanging, docile in a jibe, very tweak-able to optimise for different conditions or points of sail and when set correctly unbelievably weatherly for a sail with more or less the same shape and size as a sprit. It has been withdrawn from sale as an offer has been made Please feel free to contact me for more information. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. People can be on the water long before such rehabs are done and in many cases the rehabs rarely are finished without having to go back and freshen up a lot of the upgrades because of the length of time that the rehab has taken. People should be able to come here and ask legitimate questions pertaining to all methods and boats without being scorned and slighted. If a solid wood boat fastened with genuine hardware, approved by all the professed purist experts were so superior, we would never read a single thread on this forum about all the stressing over chipping paint, filling cracks, replugging the counterbored holes from plugs popping out and hire critical care nurses to pull 24 hour shifts in the springtime or upon relaunching to be able to use the damn thing for six or so weeks out of the year in most cases. Just don't try to convince anybody who knows much of anything about wooden boats that the plywood slathered with epoxy version of the hull Smalser posted above is even in the same zip code as Bob's example. About the only difference between the two is that most people don't waste their time showing off their Timex. There are huge advantages to plywood hulls over solid planked ones done the old fashion way for sure though. In my particular case, I have also attempted to save some of the working designs but forced to evolve a bit in the construction methods to allow me to boat safely as a weekend boater too, which can be of some risk if I built the same designs using the puriest mentality. But for the guy buying WB magazine which covers numerous kit boats of plywood and sells ads to plan sellers and then end up here only to read such tribe as goes on these types of threads is surely not beneficial. However, I think some of the problem may indeed be with the way you are holding the sail up in the air. The boat in in the South of France and would suit someone who would like to use it on the Canal du Midi or one of the lakes like Lac Montbel and it would do equally well on the Mediterranee.
I for one like traditional boats, but those days for numerous reasons are declining at a breakneck speed.

We would also never read about these so called experts fixing anyone of these wonder machines which are considered derilicts by insurance companies and marinas either, forbidding these godsent vessels anywhere near them either.. But also keep in mind that in the future its also quite possible that plywood boats will be the traditional boats in the future especially given that there are fewer people to pass along the trade that produced some of the real hulls being saved. Heck red lead, cotton and white oak is almost non-existant without weeks worth of struggle.
Usually what you get out of him is a defensive rant; that is certainly the case on this thread. I've had sprit rigs too, and have had mediocre performance with them compared to my current favorite small boat rig, the Balance Lug. Of course that could also be a thread of trashing less than perfect construction methods and construction materials since I also used big box materials to hold it together and house paint that is now three years old and good as new, and awaits the early demise. Once upon a time there there were friendly establishments that assisted in the upkeep and upgrades of the well known pedigree hulls and even tools that were required in some of the repairs that we no longer have now.
The point is, however, that boats built of the finest materials possible employing methods developed over a long span of evolution by craftsmen who know their trade will, on balance, generally, be better boats than those built of cheap inferior materials employing construction methods designed to save time and money at the expense of quality by hobbyists who haven't. Remember most public schools also evolve in their own subjects as new information and history rewrites itself too. I also noticed that there were a few of them even up in the northwest area plowing along with the supreme beings, the ones that also detest such trash rigs. I also chuckle when I read those types of scorns since the sprit rig has been around for centuries or so . Jibs and stayed masts are enormously less convenient than the unstayed rigs for actual sail & oar boats where you need to be able to get your rig up and down while out on the water.

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