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We want to invite you to join us for some of the best bass and trout fishing found anywhere in the country. Bill obtained his guide license in 1975 at the age of 18 and has over 30 years experience schooling amateurs and experienced anglers alikeA  in the seasonal patterns, techniques and presentation of lures used to catch bass and trout on Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo.
Table Rock Lake features fishing for Largemouth, Kentucky Spotted Bass and Smallmouth Bass.
If Rainbow or Brown Trout fishing is more to your liking, look no further than Table Rock Guide Service.
Accessible from multiple public and privately owned locations just minutes to the west of Branson, Table Rock Lake has been delighting visitors and residents alike since it was formed by the damming of the White River in 1958. The water temperature has definitely dropped some with the cold snap we had toward the end of last week. Table Rock Lake covers 43,100 surface acres and has 857 miles of shoreline so this report covers the portion of Table Rock Lake that most people staying in the Branson area would typically be fishing and is submitted under the auspices of the Central Pro- Am Association (CPAA) by guide(s) who are actively involved in guiding on almost a daily basis. Jim on the water Saturday with John and his son Josh.  they had a good day on the white grub. We also waded up above the Narrows, getting out and fishing from way above the tennis courts to below the wash from the golf course. The last couple of days it’s been windy and where we were fishing, there was a good chop on the water.
We caught mainly rainbows on scuds, either single flies or running tandems 18 inches apart, setting the float so that the flies were on the bottom. I also got out and fished with Flip Putthoff, an outdoor writer from the Fayetteville area. They were rising a little bit so I tied on a small #18 Elk Hair Caddis and with it Flip caught his first trout on a dry fly! We finally worked our way down below the Narrows and started fishing scuds along the east bank where we say trout feeding close to the bank. Quite a few brown trout being caught up at the outlets below the dam, mostly on scuds and sow bugs.
Jig and float is doing good, fishing a micro jig, olive or black, under an indicator 3 to 6 feet deep. As part of its continuing commitment to serving the community, Branson Tourism Center (BTC), one of Branson’s largest and most respected sellers of vacation planning services, Branson show tickets, attraction tickets and lodging is proud to sponsor this fishing report, the Central Pro-Am Association.
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Table Rock Lake bass fishing guide Bill Beck has fished this Ozark Mountain Lake for over 30 years.
While visitors can find dozens of places to stay and play along the banks of Table Rock Lake, the area's commercial developments have placed a high priority on preserving the scenic beauty of the natural shoreline, bluffs, forests and wildlife that inhabit the shoreline.
Large numbers of largemouth, smallmouth, Kentucky spotted bass and white bass thrive in its diverse underwater structure and immense forage base. The heavy rains from December have really murked up the water and it is not clearing very fast.
The fish are staging deep off of points and breaks just feeding heavily.   I have been throwing arigs and grubs down to those fish. This has improved the fishing some although it depends greatly on the area of the lake that you choose to fish!

They crawl and swim is and around the rocks on the bottom but when the lake level drops, they are forced to move out with the water creating a crowd of bugs along the edge of the water.
We boated to the Narrows and fishing the flat by getting out of the boat and wading this whole area. I had fun targeting rainbows who were up on the flats in less than 6 inches of water, cruising around looking for bugs. I notice the trout were moving around constantly- in and out of deep water and up and down the bank in front of us.
I instructed them not to just wade out to the waste and start casting as far as you could — but to work out slow and fish for those fish in 12 inches of water first.
One gentleman stood in one place and caught over a dozen rainbows fishing an orange micro jig he had tied and a red #18 zebra under a float fishing it 4 feet deep. We started early on Thursday morning, boating up to the trophy area all the way to Lookout.
We could see the wakes of the trout rushing over to inspect the movement and then the indicator would move. The only problem is most of the best fishing is right in the outlets, #1 and #2, plus there’s some good fish in and below the Rebar chute. Stripping streamers as well as casting floating stick baits will produce some great trophy trout fishing. Look Under the Leaves is about finding trout feeding under the leaves, along with bugs, that have fallen to the surface. As used in this report “Trophy Area” refers the portion of Branson’s Lake Taneycomo between the mouth of Fall Creek and the base of Table Rock Dam.
Seasonal jig, jerkbait, and top water action, to advanced deep water structure fishing are all part of your Table Rock fishing Trip.
This 24 mile Missouri stretch of the White River, is Missouri’s showplace trout fishery. The water temps are still in the mid 80s first thing in the morning and reaching the upper 80s in the afternoon.
The Dam area still lags behind as far as a shallow bite is concerned, although the deep drop shot and spoon bite does still exist.
With the cold weather becoming more consistent the generation on the lake will more than likely increase. On the flats above Fall Creek, as much as 40 feet of gravel is exposed because of the drop of water levels so that’s a lot of displaced bugs. I caught them on both a scud and stripping or skimming a #16 yellow soft hackle on the surface. We tried a variety of flies and while everything worked, each fly or technique only caught one or two fish.
It was pretty cool though… the rainbow came up and pushed the fly with his nose first. When setting the hook, out of the shallow water the rainbow would bust like it had been shot out of a canon. If there’s a chop on the water, stripping a soft hackle or crackleback should produce good strikes fishing the flat areas at and below the Big Hole down to the boat ramp. Yellow power eggs in the garlic scent has been the best — really anything with a garlic scent has been great.

It is the primary wade fishing area, a trophy management area and has special regulations and limits in effect within the area. The Central Pro Am Association through such sponsorship and that of Ranger Boats and Mercury Marine is pleased to participate in furnishing this information to those fishing the Branson Tri-Lakes area. Hard fighting Rainbow Trout are available year around, and can be taken by either experienced fly fishermen or caught on spin cast gear by young and old alike. The water temps are in the low to mid 40s and if we can get it up to the upper 40s the Smallmouth will start showing up.  We have a big rain forecasted for today and this may very well trigger a mass migration of all the species to the shallows.
You need to be looking for your fish to be suspended or on the bottom anywhere from 35 to 55 feet deep, find the shad and you will find the bass!
Our trout key in on this crowd of bugs and you’ll see them feeding in as little as a few inches of water right now. Natural baits, Gulp and soft plastic baits are illegal in Trophy Area, but ok for the other 20 miles of Lake Taneycomo. If you would like to keep a few fish to eat ask about the availability of Table Rock Lakes White Bass and Crappie fishing to see if they are biting during your visit. Many area resorts and marinas can hook you up with an experienced fishing guide to help make the most of your Table Rock Lake fishing experience.
I’m having to do more scrambling lately just trying to pick up a couple fish at each place I stop. A great way to spend a morning or afternoon drift fishing for Rainbow trout on this majestic body of water of, near Branson Missouri. The fish we are catching have been good quality fish up to 3 pounds but the number of fish has gotten smaller.
I have a few days off from guiding this week so I will be out every day looking to find some new schools of fish.
When the sun comes up or there is little to no wind you will need to go to your favorite bottom bait.
I’m pretty sure the fish I have been catching regularly have moved deeper but I have yet to find them. We have been catching some of our fish right off the bottom early then as the sun gets up we have been moving to the tops of the deeper trees that are in the 25-40 foot range. From there we have been moving to some of the deepr docks and fishing around the trees and cables which secure the docks. If your timing is right you can find a good school at any of these locations but it seems to change every day. We are also catching some on topwater so you always want to have a top water bait handy as you have to get on the fish right as they are busting or they will get the shad they are chasing and then retreat right back down to the cooler water. You can catch a few by having a spoon ready and as soon as you see a school on your locator, drop down through the school and you can pick one or two up before they move off and let me tell you they are not hanging around long.

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