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I presume cotton and putty will be no good because the boat will be dry most of her life.
PCF, if I spline her and epoxy coat (then paint or varnish) the exterior, and she is only used as a day boat, will the moisture content in the timber increase and decrease radically? If I am not foolish enough to make a trailer boat out of this hull I will succeed in ruining a nice looking hull by torching her.
So, since those are the alternatives, let's get back to the science supposedly underlying your dogmatism. That said, I am wondering if it might make more sense to use a polyester resin rather than an epoxy resin? Just to throw something else out there (knowing full well that this will be red meat for the nay-sayers) -- how about an outer covering of synthetic cloth in epoxy?

Another idea -- you might do some research on racing sailboat classes such as the Lightning and the Star. It's a sweet boat by the way, I bet you could have many fine days on the water with a ride like that. One of the lesser mysteries of life are those people from whom one attempts to glean advantage from their experience, and instead of providing it in any intelligible form, they issue decrees and then accuse one of calling them names, entirely without foundation! To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. If you are foolish enough to think you can make a trailer boat out of this hull you will succeed in ruining a nice looking hull. Even if you are only going to be using the boat for day use, I wouldn't recommend fiberglass, as it's too brittle, and likely to fail at the plank seams.

A covering of Vectra, Dynel, or Xynole (in epoxy) might give you the water tight, but resilient outer surface you need. It's your boat, and you know how you're going to use it -- you're the foremost expert on that.
If I were investing that kind of coin in a mooring, I'd want to put a deep-seaworthy 32-footer at least on it!

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