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Jimrs makes a really good, and valid point, but listen to this logic.My close friends' old boat ( 1992 Sea Ray 17' with 135hp. Don't you guys know about the bridles with the pulley on them?That was always the way we pulled skiers back in the olden days. In real life, on a runabout, the outboard pushes the transom, the transom pulls the skier and the boat is just along for the ride. What we tubed with was the Great Mable ( the 3 person tube ) but with 2 people on it at a time.
My friend up on Keystone does the same thing with his pontoon, using the stern lift rings.The only place we ever used to see pylons back then were on inboard ski boats like the Master Crafts and we understood it was because the transom was not built to handle a load like one with an outboard.

We needed the bigger tube so that we had more handles to hang on, because the way we like to ride, has been known to leave bruises, break normal ski ropes, and even pull the ski tow connector (not a bar) out of the back end of the boat. In real life, on a runabout, the outboard pushes the transom, the transom pulls the skier and the boat is just along for the ride.
So that tube with me and my buddy on it, ( total weight, close to 400 lbs ) would bog down that boat tremendously in the corners, unless she (my buddies wife) had us going pretty fast so that we would skip accross more than be pulled. If he was hooked to the back and swings out around the boat, while in a turn and keeps pulling he can not only pass the boat but turn the boat around and go the other way the steering has very little effect unless it has a big, big motor.
Yet that very same boat, on the very same day most often, would pull both of us skiing with absolutely no problems, even starting out, with my buddy on slalom (usually takes more effort to get up).

I'm not trying to argue here it's just that a tube with 2 or 3 will have less pull than a 200lb+ on a ski starting out. I'm convinced that all you really need the hp for when pulling a skier is to get them up, and then for speed. The tube sits down in the water with people on it, where as skis, knee boards, and wake boards all skim accross the water.

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