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On the interior the transom has been refabricated and reinforced with an aluminum support brace. The remaining holes are for the engine mounts and bolts that fasten the marine plywood to the aluminum transom fastened in the interior. Although I am keenly interested in suggestions on what materials or process can be used to make this right. Without knowing the extend, and cause of the holes, simply filling in with weld shall just delay the inevitable.
Remove the temporary fasteners and blocks, then drill out each hole with a slightly bigger bit, all the way through the skin and new core. I am really a novice DIY person without many of the skills required to repair the transom including welding. I should also mention the interior portion of the transom has been fabricated with an aluminum support brace welded to the aluminum runners along the floor length of the boat and vertically up the interior transom skin. Agreed the best option would be to replace the exterior transom skin with a new piece of aluminum. That being said I 'think' my best option is to repair the holes from the outside transom skin.
Location: Eustis, FL A single thin skin of aluminum isn't going to support your engine, even with braces. Location: Eustis, FL Wow, some really serious Mickey Mouse work going on there. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

Figured that I would post this up for guys that might be thinking about this or needing to do this. Using pressure treated wood even coated in resin is an iffy proposition in an aluminum hulled boat.
Maybe consider painting the aluminum in contact with the PT transom wood with rhino-liner just in case? Our experience has been that the wood always seems to rot out before any visual sign of deterioration of the aluminum, even the treated wood however the newer treated wood is not the same treatment as a few years ago but now I am curious so I will investigate this further. I have seen the copper treated wood eat up flashing on my jobsites in under 18 months, don't use it on your boat. Finding a good quality used fishing boat can often pose a daunting experience for the new or first time boater. All boats need to be certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and inflatable dive boats are no exception. But looking at your transom you have so many, the better option is to replace the transom, that way you'll know what the thickness is and it shall last longer than any temp repair which you're attempting now. You'll still have a transom full of holes, but they'll be sealed reasonably well, you can do it in your driveway and if you don't drop a 150 HP engine on it, you'll likely be fine for a decade with minimum care and a few decades with reasonable care.
If you think this transom is just in need of some holes being patched, I've got nothing more I can tell you. You're probably better off using Marine plywood with a sealer and paint than with the newer treated lumber.
The purpose is to help someone with limited inflatable boat knowledge choose the correct boat for them.

To simplify this process we have broken it down into seven logical steps that can be applied to any used fishing boat.
Typical small boats have transoms made of wood, as the years pass the wood will rot and become useless.
Considering all the holes and the cutout, a lot of work, but something that can be done in your driveway. Let this dry, until just barely tacky, then fill each hole with more of the thickened mixture. I will say that 90% of my hunting is fresh water river, and might plan one trip to the coast for sea ducks a year.
I have a 16 aluminum starcraft with a 75 hp motor, the transom has rotted and it's time for a replacement. Clean, restore and polish with products for fiberglass, aluminum and pontoon craft with applicator mops or spray bottles. That is on the transom to disc, from the outside and from the disc to the transom on the inside. On the inside use your gloved finger, around the edges of the plywood and make a small fillet of the epoxy ooze out.
When you drill new holes for the engine mounts, bond them just like you did the other ones, making them at least 30% larger in diameter then the actual bolt shank clearance hole needs to be.

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