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This inspired me to try to sail my hydrofoil trimaran (Broomstick) without its amas (floats).
There were some awkward moments (Photo #1), but as soon as the boat had any forward motion at all, it was surprisingly easy to sail. I did let my guard down one time & capsized, for only the second time ever ( Photo #4). One final question - If I'm sailing without amas, can I still call it a hydrofoil trimaran? Chris Ostlind Previous Member   Who was the idiot who said we get more timid as we grow older? Very interesting development and now begging for even more design mods, such as a bit more aka clearance and that will most likely necessitate longer foils. Does the gustiness potential there make for a higher premium on athleticism while trying to keep her upright at the start? My regular email is: Chris at Wedgesail dot com drop me a line with your number and I'll shoot you a call. Since it only takes a minute or two to attach or remove the amas, I can have them on the beach & decide at the last instant whether the conditions are such that I feel like I need them. I don't consider this to be very athletic - not nearly as much as the 1960-era Moths or the 1970-era Windsurfers I used to sail (even factoring in my ages, then & now).
Location: auckland nz brave man and true foiler Fanbloodytastic Doug, you're a better man than I am Gungha Din. Another pioneer was kiwi Noel Fuller who had triangular float foils that thickened above the water on his 14 foot Sabrina - those foils worked well, didn't bury but Sabrina was not a good windward performer - but reached along impressively enveloped in spray with the doughty bearded designer hidden from sight by a curtain of white.
There have actually been quite a few foilers that were essentially trimarans without amas (I repeat, can we still call them trimarans?). Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada Interesting to note your experience without the amas, Doug (H). Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida Gary, what do you think causes the crashing?

Location: auckland nz Forgot to mention - Inverted T rudder saved my bacon, kept stern down, otherwise I'd have gone helicoptering horizon sudden climb, pause, silence, blue wave swept sea suddenly above head, lots of bubbles. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Presented away Dr Even my near recent trimarans which are often ameliorate than my other boats hush compulsory about 15 minutes to.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. In my case, I didn't have to build or modify anything; the amas that I use in foiling mode simply attach to the crossbeams with bungee cord. This plan quickly fell apart when I ran into a giant kelp bed (or some kind of weed anyway) & had to spend several minutes in all sorts of odd positions to remove all the weed. This project has probably been the most fun of any I've been involved in, and it's gratifying when someone else takes notice. For now, I'll probably use the amas if the wind is over about 18-20 knots, or if I'll be measuring the wind, taking many notes, etc.
Blue Arrow was designed by a group with Ed Dubois, Adrian Thompson, Barry Noble and other British hotshots - definitely breaking new ground.
This boat won a speed-trial at Hurricane Gulch, CA in about 1972, beating the notable D-Cat Beowulf. My first venture into sailing, apart from the odd rented or borrowed boat, was a sailing canoe with a single home-designed and built ama.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Sometimes I think that the best solution might be to run the foils through wells in the amas (like on Gary Baigent's Flash Harry) to give them something more substantial to bear against. The other time I capsized was in the middle of November, 2005 & it was plenty cold (at least by California standards). Hey you blokes, tell us more about it - doesn't matter that it was considered a dismal failure, there are plenty of us out here who want to know.

I was careful to keep the ama wet at all times assuming that was the thing to do, and was consistently disappointed with the pedestrian performance.
Also the loads were so high one of the foils started spitting its carbon off during continuous flying, then crashing, didn't break but looked very secondhand when removed later. Foils are surface piercers, (like small Hydroptere) inverted T's or Y's are better IMO - I've fitted them to G. I would have expected a smaller improvement, since I'm only eliminating 20 lbs of weight (out of about 200 total, not counting my weight) and also a small amount of windage.
It seems that maybe we'd have to make a judgement about the size of the buoyancy at the end of the "racks"?
It was my introduction into just how much drag a short and badly-designed displacement ama could create.
So making a few changes on Harry, going to inverted Y foils to reduce the bloody crashing, keeping the floats, sorry, empirical knowledge overpowering pitiful attempts at valour, full width main sheet track (to better control a completely overpowered sail and rig) and various other improvements.
Marx and I really like them, greater lift, less ventilation and require less surface area too. Frank Smoot and Trimaran boat building Ian Farrier F ixl design in epoxy composite One of the good reasons to ut it yourself is when you love you will mai. Apparently, the extra drag of the leeward ama when it is deeply immersed is a more powerful factor than the extra righting moment that it provides. It must have been a real bear to sail (unlike Broomstick, which is actually quite easy, even without the amas).
I had to reduce them because I had too much lift and the platform (which has some dihedral) would begin to rock - but now it is steady. Here is a great report from wienerwurst Smoot about his newly twenty-four foot trimaran diy trimaran.

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