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Whether you’re aiming to sunbathe in style on the water, fish in comfort with easy access to storage, show off some serious sports muscle, or kick back with family and friends, Manitou has the Pontoon boat for you. Be it acceleration and turning, smoothness in ride, safety, or even something as simple as adding a few comfort elements to make the experience more enjoyable. So while other Pontoon boat manufacturers tinker with simple upgrades to seat fabrics and color schemes, we’re continually innovating.
Imagine a pontoon that accelerates, planes, and turns much like a traditional V-hull boat at high speed.

From luxury Pontoon boats that prove surprisingly affordable to fast Pontoon boats that combine safety with performance, we love coming up with new ways to delight our customers. Think tritoon Pontoon with an ingenious twist—instead of building all three toons to uniform size, we made one toon larger, centering a 27" center aluminum tube 1.25" below the outer 23" tubes.
Then use our Dealer Locator to find a knowledgeable Manitou Pontoon boat dealer nearest to you.
From that research, we‘ve made precision changes to the design, fabrication, and placement of the tubes, so that they are capable of supporting much higher horsepower, and ultimately, deliver far superior handling.

Today‘s Manitou pontoons are available in two different hull configurations, and multiple packages — each one developed using this performance enhancing research and design.

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