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As part of the 10-year transformation plan of the Vancouver International Airport (YVR), the Airport Authority chose Tugboat Group to create an illustrative wall design intended as a focal point to engage Authority staff about YVR’s evolution and ongoing initiatives. This mural is the backdrop on an interactive wall in the Airport Authority’s main office, accompanied with interacive stations at several key locations where the Authority’s employees can learn more about key initiatives and provide feedback. The mural draws on the Airport Authority’s transformation and the promise of the Asia-Pacific Gateway.
As vector illustration, the mural can easily be sized for other applications such as desktop wallpaper and have individual elements scaled almost infinitely without image degradation. Tugboat in Burrard Inlet shooting water with view of North Vancouver and mountains in background.

The focus for a new mural installation Tugboat recently developed for the Vancouver Airport Authority. He said tugboats, ferries and even cranes used in shipping-container ports are all candidates for hybrid technology, because their stop-start work cycles allow energy to be recaptured and stored in batteries. Fuel and maintenance savings are, of course, a major incentive for vessel operators where high fuel usage is standard; however, increasingly port operators are looking for ways to substantially reduce emissions from marine activities. In addition, an assortment of workboat types, from river switchboats, to research vessels, to small passenger vessels, can benefit greatly from this type of drive system. The retrofit possibilities can also be attractive to owners, allowing them to both save fuel and meet Tier II and III requirements on existing vessels.

This licensing agreement opens up a whole new world of opportunity for RailPower, one that makes incredible sense. Makes one wonder when a major player like General Electric will scoop up RailPower as the industry begins to consolidate.

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